Into Mentiria

The novel I’m currently working on is titled The First Light. It’s a fantasy novel set in a Tolkien-inspired world. Other muses include tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG’s) like Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder.

The world is called Tyrhennia and within it are the three Human Kingdoms of Ravenna, Easterly, and Marconia. Ravenna is the most powerful and wealthy kingdom. Its capital city is Mentiria, and its second major city is called Wysteria.

Eleven of the first twelve chapters are set within Mentiria. It is a hustling and bustling cosmopolitan city containing taverns, saloons, guilds, and shops of all sorts. The tale opens during the Festival of the Summer Solstice, in which readers will encounter street vendors, performers, magicians and drunkards.  The city’s atmosphere and culture provide ripe raw material for tales and adventures.

Within the novel’s pages, the reader will follow a quest-based adventure with my two main characters, Daggorat and Cyril.  Something precious and powerful has been lost (and no, it’s not a ring), and it is up to our heroes to seek it out.  Along the way they’ll be joined by a few more interesting personas, all of whom bring something unique and fun to the journey.

Besides the novel, I’m also creating an anthology of short stories, all relating to a vision of the shadowed side of American culture. However, within that darkness are rays of light. As the stories expose dark and somewhat seedy themes, they have evoked two different emotional responses from test readers. Some laugh at the comical circumstances of something trivial gone awry, while others are shocked about the possibility of those circumstances actually occurring.  I can’t wait until it’s published, to see what a wider readership thinks!

I hope to have the short stories published within the next few months, and the novel by this time next year.  I’ll be sure to post regularly about my journey, and hope that other new authors will stop by this blog to share their experiences as well!

What do you think?

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