Live Free or Suffocate Slowly

Libertarian. The word almost summons up images of a life spent in raucous debauchery. But that’s not true at all. Libertarianism is a political-social-economic ideology that believes in a small government presence. And no, that doesn’t mean that Libertarian is a kinder and gentler code-word for Anarchy either.

A Libertarian believes that a government should maintain the military, maintain and build roads, run the legal system, and fire and water departments. As for everything else, the government should stay out of our way. It is the duty of our elected representatives to protect our rights. However, the current trend seems to be that they are deciding what our rights are, and which ones should be tossed away. Within this blog category, we will discuss these issues and deal with the occasional pertinent current event.

6 thoughts on “Live Free or Suffocate Slowly

  1. I first started reading about Libertarianism when I got my first ticket for not wearing a seat belt. I remember being so frustrated that my good driving record was going to be tainted by something that had little effect on other drivers. Why should my freedoms be limited in order to preserve one of the biggest industries on the planet (the Insurance Industry)?


  2. After all, you’re an adult and therefore make up your own mind and take your own chances. We Libertarians are always looking at Government controls and increasing power. However, I like that you’ve brought big business into the picture. They manipulate Government with their hired Lobbyists to increase corporate power as well.


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