Taking the First Step

Do you want to know more about Libertarianism but don’t know where to start? The decision to immerse oneself into a new social-political-economic system can be a challenge that may prevent the first step. Questions naturally arise: What should I read? Who should I read? How much does that book cost? What news outlet is best? All of these questions are enough to make anyone put it off for a rainy day that will never come to pass. But the answers aren’t difficult at all, and won’t cost a dime.

One good place to start is the TV. The prominent Libertarian John Stossel has been a staple on American television for years. His show airs on Fox Business on Thursday and Sunday nights at 9pm EST.  Another Fox program, The Independents, is co-hosted by Matt Welch from Reason Magazine, whom Stossel credits with opening his eyes.  Both these shows bring in guests, usually fellow Libertarians who have blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and organizations with newsletters. So you can get some ideas on where to look around the internet.

Did I just mention the internet?  There are some superb websites out there rallying for the cause.  Like the ever-popular Libertarian Girl, whose Facebook page and YouTube channel are veritable beehives buzzing with activity. They’re great for getting a Libertarian perspective on current headlines.  Another of my favorites is The Daily Heap.  Want some international flair? Try Libertarian View from the U.K. And of course, there’s always the simple #Libertarian on Twitter.

Gone are the days when Libertarians were just a small, quirky group on the political fringe.  New TV shows and internet sites clearly demonstrate that the market is answering to our growing numbers.  So, before you use that gift card in a bookstore for a thick philosophical tome, try a little surfing first. Now that’s what I call a free market.

What do you think?

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