Stasis Published!

Announcing the release of my new short story, Stasis, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  It’s a great read for anyone into Libertarianism or who’s uneasy about the route that Big Government has been taking lately.

The description:  Kurt Williams has spent the last twenty years as a Libertarian refugee from a collapsing society. On his return to civilization, what he finds is nothing short of devastating. In an America where big government has run amok and nearly everything is outlawed, will his defiance and courage be enough to restore sanity?

Stasis won an Honorable Mention in the 2013 San Antonio Writer’s Guild contest for Best Short Story.  It’s up for only $0.99, come check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Stasis Published!

  1. I just finished reading Stasis – and have to say, that I’m now glad this country has fiercely independent hillbillies who remind us of the value of our freedoms. I may not like them. I may not agree with them (all the time). But, they are free – and are noticeably enjoying their freedom (they’re also scary enough to make people think twice about taking away their freedom). Thanks Ernesto for reminding us of the benefits of a free and capitalist society (and for not having a picture of you on this site wearing a white paper jumpsuit with big knee-pads!). Viva la Libertad.


  2. So glad that you enjoyed “Stasis”. I tried to think of every argument I’ve heard for big government and tried my best to work them in and show how sinister and ridiculous they can be.
    A few beta readers have told me that their thoughts were jumping between laughing and being afraid of the possibility of “Stasis” coming true.


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