A New Year: Resolutions and Goals

It’s always important to remember that when it comes to setting goals, they must be plausible. I’ve never agreed with other goal oriented sentiments like…Shoot for the stars so if you fail, you’ve still reached the moon. That’s like setting an unattainable goal and then being satisfied with second-best.

Therefore, I’m going to set some very logical and sane goals for myself for 2014.

  1. Finish my novel The First Light
  2. Get a second novel completed
  3. Get a short story up on Amazon and Nook each month.
  4. Increase my platform; maybe even figure out Pinterest and other services.
  5. I will market my work as an Indie author and take a stab at the traditional route.

Goal number 5 is important to note. Notice that I am only going to try the traditional route. My goal is not to definitely find a publisher. That would make my goal dependent upon the decisions of a nameless, faceless stranger.

What are your writing goals for 2014?

6 thoughts on “A New Year: Resolutions and Goals

  1. Ernesto:

    I’m still working out my goals for the year, but I want to sell 12 paintings in 2014 (last year I only sold 9), self-publish a non-fiction book to help creative people promote their work using social media, finish and submit my novel to traditional publishers, and continue to submit short-stories and poetry. Best of luck with your goals!


  2. There must be a cosmic law out there about writers who also paint / draw. Next you’re going to tell me that you also have a cat – another cosmic law:-)
    I’ve seen your paintings on your blog. I was struck by the bold strokes and kinetic energy encapsulated within a portrait.


  3. What a cool list of goals, I hope you are able to reach them all. I really like the short story every month one as well. It’s one of the things I wanted to do with The Wardens — have the short series continue every 3 months or so (five in each new season). I also like your view on the traditional route. I would not mind being picked up at all, however, it’s important not to leave your fate in the hands of others if there’s something else you can do in the meantime to move forward and who knows, maybe as you wait, someone will say ‘hey I MUST have this book!’ ^_^.

    Wishing you every success Ernesto :).


  4. Those are pretty good goals. I especially like the third one. I’m working on my own short stories and hope to finish two novels this year. Number five is a goal I also have. My other goals are things such as moving to my own place and improving my skills in Mandarin Chinese. I wish you the best in your goals.


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