Where do You Like to Read?

I’ve heard many times that if you want to be an author, you need to read a lot.  Now, many people like to read in bed. My wife, for example, is guaranteed to knock off a chapter or two in that fashion every night.  But for me, reading in bed is just uncomfortable.

Instead, I prefer to lean back in a trusty recliner in our loft.  Minnie (one of our cats) prefers that too; she likes to stretch out across my legs while I read.  There’s a handy table for a drink and other things, like magazines, my Nook, or a bag of cat treats. And of course, the CD player.

That’s another thing that most people don’t like: listening to music while reading. But I find it relaxing to have Mozart, Vivaldi, or Wagner playing low in the background.

It’s my comfy zone. I’m surrounded by my guitars and my favorite classic rock album covers and Beatles posters. And of course, a paint job that evokes the sunset.


Where is your favorite place to read?

8 thoughts on “Where do You Like to Read?

  1. I think the better question for me is…where don’t I read? If there is a spare five minutes in my life, I use it to read. So, I read anywhere and everywhere. I wished I could hire a driver to take me to work so I could read on the way. That is such a huge waste of 30 minutes one way.

    The most comfy place for me to read is either at my desk or on the couch near by desk. In the PJ’s, with coffee, and music playing in the background.


  2. My favorite place is in between classes when I teach. Kick the trainees out for an extra 5 minutes or so, that way I can finish another page in the book!


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