The Bigotry of Fox News

Fox News: 3/13/2014 “I can think of several Italians that I’d like my dogs to attack” – Shepard Smith.

Yes, he actually said that on the air. It’s his second offense by the way…well, at least the second one that I know about. He never slips and says things like that about Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, or Asians, and I’m glad that he doesn’t. Who could possibly want to listen to things like that? However, the fact that he only lets out little politically incorrect slips about Italians is very telling. It gives us all a window into the slow rusty gears of his tiny little mind.

I’d like to sit down with Shep for a luncheon and tell him straight to his distorted face what I truly think of him. But then again, no. After all, who wants to smell shit while you’re eating?

I can’t help but think that Fox News is acting as an enabler for Shep. Another on-air personality, Bob Beckell, has slipped several times as well, passing horrid comments about Italians and Catholics. Bob apologized on the air, and then did it again a few weeks later. Add that to the fact that there are so many people with Italian last names at Fox who probably talk face to face with Shep and Beckell every day, and it’s obvious that they don’t say anything to either of these two clowns. What makes it obvious? Because if they did, then management would step in and make Smith and Beckell stop their antics.

Here’s Shepard Smith’s Facebook page . You can also send him a tweet @ShepNewsTeam

I’ve already gone there and told Shep what I think of him. Now you can too.

6 thoughts on “The Bigotry of Fox News

  1. The journalist on Fox News all look stupid. When you act dumb you start looking the part. I stopped watching Fox about 4 years ago and my husband before then. They were so subtle until President Obama got elected then then Bill Ayers could no longer hide his true colors. Its really sad. I pay Shep a visit. Thanks.


  2. Since I haven’t watched Fox in so long I don’t know whats going on with Shepherd but I thought he was so professional and should have left the show to preserve his integrity. He’s attaching Italians.Well that is shocking. But nothing surprises me except that everytime I’m at the dentist they have it tuned in to Fox affiliate local stations. They are still feeding the beast and my people seem to love the local fox affiliate. I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m somebody else. lol


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