I have a decent amount of followers and readers, and I feel like I’ve let some people down recently. Why? Because I haven’t been very active in the social media* world lately. Why? Because the move to Idaho and getting the house ready for tenants has been sucking up all of my time.

*I don’t just mean my blog,  I mean all social media like Twitter, Facebook,  Google+, and so on.

The photo below is not my office, but an accurate depiction anyway. A lonely desktop pc lovingly waits for an #author to sit down and write something. The empty chair begs for an occupant. Don’t worry. I’ll be back and in full force soon. I have about four posts waiting for the editor-Queen. Therefore the forthcoming weeks should witness a surge of activity again.


Multimedia Desk by Grant Laird Jr. Used via CC License

Most of the large projects are done. The things that need my attention are smaller jobs that require an hour or two of attention. I’ll save those tasks for the early morning or late afternoon. In the meantime, get ready for a wave of new posts in the coming weeks.

What drags you away from your precious #writing?

5 responses to “Absences

  • Paul Davis

    Video games. They just released Transistor, and the steam punk-sci fi feel of it is too captivating to turn away from. While it’ll be a while before I touch my sci fi idea, and yearning for the loving embrace.

    Good luck with getting everything situated. Hope it calms down soon.


  • Shirley L. Slaughter

    Well Ernesto I do understand. I have a blog running today on Danica Cornell’s site that will keep you occupied until you are back up again. She was gracious enough to host me. I think you subscribe to my blog for future posts. Here is Danica’s site http://wp.me/p2Gl7q-ap
    Nice talking to you again.


  • writerbeelove

    The day job, then the children. Fortunately for summer, I’m free from cooking and grocery shopping for 2 1/2 months, so I’ll be working diligently on some manuscripts.


  • Richard M.G.

    Life in general. I’ll wake up and tell myself that I plan to get some hours on writing but usually (no always) but sometimes something comes up. It’s really hard explaining it to non-writers but that little shake up (say running an errand for someone) can mess up your whole rhythm and throw you off trail.

    Also, I’ve never been one for social media: Twitter, Facebook, and the blog. I’m unpublished, so it doesn’t matter cause there is no fans, really but if I was, I don’t think it would change and I prolly would still be a recluse.


  • dr sweetyshinde

    humdrum boring ‘must-do’s of Life. Paying bills, vegetable purchase, lecture preparation,,,


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