If Authors Were Contractors

It’s no secret. Most of you who follow my blog know I’m getting ready for a move to #Idaho in July. It’s more than just packing up some stuff and moving. I have to get my house ready for tenants. I’ve never been a landlord before and the chores tend to pile up.


Yes I built it!

There are many things that I know how to do, but still have to rely on contractors because of insurance. It killed me to pay an electrician to do things that I can do. Then there was the fence on the side of the house. I haven’t the foggiest idea about how to install a fence. A call to a local contractor went something like this…

Me: “It’s just a gate and two 3 ½ foot sections of fence on either side.”

Contractor: “A job that small would run about $350.00.”

I start to smile over the low price…for once something isn’t approaching the $1,000 mark.

Contractor: “But a job that small isn’t worth it for us. So we’ll have to charge you $700.00.”

Me: “Thanks for your time good-bye.”

Imagine if I could get away with something like that? I know it’s only a short story, but it had to be written, edited, beta read, and formatted as an ebook. Therefore, for going through all that trouble I’m going to have to price it like a novel.

How long would any #IndieAuthor last with that attitude?

12 thoughts on “If Authors Were Contractors

  1. Good luck on the move. Fence looks great. We get to work with contractors all the time. Or we’ll spend hours to help someone who doesn’t end up purchasing our product, or it’s for $100 of goods, when generally equipment goes for a few grand. But we help everyone like we care about them. Because we do, of course 😉


  2. That is so beyond stupid. I imagine no indi Author would last long like that at all. I know that once my Novella goes live, it will probably be put up for like a buck, and I’ll still feel it overpriced.

    Good luck with your reno’s and keep your head high as you move.


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