Finally Home

So we’ve moved to Idaho and made it to our new home safe and sound. It’s been about six weeks and I’m finally back blogging and #writing because I’m beginning to settle into a routine again.

So far, things are going rather well. Where there was dirt, we grew a lawn. Things are unpacked and put into their proper place. Now comes the fun part…remodeling.


Our “new” house was built in 1977, and it looks like time stopped at that moment. We’ve got popcorn ceilings, dark trim and cabinets, and 70’s-looking fixtures. Without exaggeration, I can honestly say that every square inch (ceilings and floors included) needs to be revamped.

So far I’ve done some work in the garage, plastering and painting. Now that may seem like a strange place to begin, but it’s perfectly logical. After all, I’m going to need a clean, neat, and organized workplace to get everything else done.

A real bright spot in the new place is the front and back yards. I’ve learned from others in the town that the original owner was an expert horticulturalist. There are raised garden areas on the property just waiting to be sowed and then (hopefully) reaped.  Can’t wait for spring!

On the subject of writing, I’ve done some work on another short story called “Night Flight.” It’s coming along rather well, and I can’t wait to test it out on a critique group. Supposedly there is a critique group in town, but I haven’t found their meeting time and place yet.

It feels good to be back and writing again.

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