Small Town Life

So here I am in Idaho. At first I was somewhat disappointed with my wife’s new assignment. I’ve lived in cities my whole life, namely New York City and San Antonio. The thought of a small town (roughly 15K) with nothing to do except watching the grass grow or listening to flies buzz by was a bit disconcerting. However, I have to take it all back.

Since moving to Mountain Home, my wife and I have had a busier social life than ever before. There’s nowhere nearby for a fine dining experience, but there is so much other stuff to do.

We’ve had more get-togethers in six weeks here than in the last five years, and there’s no end in sight. The local churches take turns hosting a monthly community dinner, for one thing. This month, the local Lutheran Church sponsored it, though it took place in the Catholic Parish hall (see what I mean about folks getting together). My wife and I got into the swing of things too; I brewed and served coffee and my wife served salad.

Although I am a Catholic, I helped out Grace Lutheran Church. They needed a specialty paint job in their Sunday School room. They wanted someone to use chalkboard paint and create a board shaped like a church (psst that’s the photo).


Also, I haven’t been to a bar in years, but now I go every Friday night for a beer, many laughs, and most of all, darts. I used to be pretty good at it, but it’ll take a while to get my form back.

My wife and I even plan to get into the hunting and fishing scene as well. Some people here make fish and chips from perch. I tried some at the bar during their annual Perch Jerk feast (yet another gathering), and I must say it was incredible.

There are two more potlucks scheduled for this month and even a lecture on radical Islam. So far, small town life is more socially busy than any other place where I have lived before.  I’m loving it.

What have your experiences been with small towns vs. cities?

11 thoughts on “Small Town Life

  1. Hi! So happy to know you and your wife are fitting in quite well there in Idaho. Your experience sounds similar to ours. Our house has been like grand central station the entire first year we moved in. We could not get rid of the number of people wanting to stop in. Then it peaked off a bit thank goodness. And I would say it peaked off a whole lot more. Actually after working hard for so many years you really want to sleep in late and hear the birds and enjoy the peace and quite for a while at least. Whew! So basically like you say the only place to go seems to be the churches. This is the place where all the gatherings and socials are held. And if you are not a church person you are out of luck. So you just have to go. I recently joined a ladies quilting bee and its a bunch of women from all over the area meeting up swapping gossip, recipes and whatnot. But my husband went back to work. So for him being at work is a way of getting out of the house and meeting people and he has made good friends with people on the job. But we just found out thru a new friend that there is a much bigger social scene and a few nice restaurants just about a few hours from us we never knew about and so hopefully before it gets too cold maybe we will go check the places out. It may also be nice to go around the holidays as well. I just cannot wait to go. Plus there is the coast, which is a long drive but we get to go sometimes to the casino’s and walking on the beach which i love the most. So good luck in your new place. I am so glad to hear you like it so far.


      • Yes that’s true. But one thing is for sure….there are a lot of good home cooks around. My husband’s boss makes the most delicious cakes. And there is always “a hole in the wall” a few seafood spots. Not the best but what can you expect in small towns. Ah! You are the writer my friend. I just post. LOL! I am so happy and brag to my husband when one or two people stop by and click on LIKE! It gives me such a thrill! LOL! I just enjoy blabbering on and on about my Hindi/Indian soaps, cause I love them so much. It’s innocent gossip I say. So I can be long winded at times, I am gonna quit here while I am ahead. Ha…ha…ha.


  2. I ended up in a similar situation. I lived in Chicago until moving away to college and seminary in Columbus, OH. Both are big, big cities, and I love them.

    I have been in my first call in a church in Three Lakes, WI, a town of about 2100 people. Talk about an adjustment! I’m still trying to get used to it.


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