A New Chapter

As some of you know, I had to stop #writing on account of moving across the country. In recent posts, I’ve made it clear that I was back again, blogging and writing my #fantasy novel “The First Light.” I even hammered out a new short story as well.

I was able to complete chapter 16, “May the Light Shine Upon Thee.” It’s a fun and happy chapter despite its rather serious-sounding title, which comes from a ceremony that is performed within the chapter. The subsequent celebration and feast are the elements that give this particular segment its light-hearted flavor.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I was deathly afraid of a dreary “Act II Malaise” taking hold of the story. However, I’m pleased with the pace. So far Act II ( chapters 11 – 19 ) has some great revelations, action, comedy, romance, mystery, and overall good times, sprinkled throughout its pages.

I’d love to you all more about it in detail, but then I’d be giving too much away.

How are you handling your version of a second act?


8 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. I’m currently working on honing down a couple of Act III’s in a couple of different books I thought I was done with. Hopefully this last round of edits will clean things up. Congratulations on working out your Act II dilemma. 😀


  2. Hmm, never even considered it before.

    Let’s see. The first book I handled the second act by having absolutely no clue what I was doing. It showed.

    For The Blackguard, act two is where my main character gets his butt kicked and discovers that he would rather be great than happy.

    For The Book of Joshua, act two is where Joshua starts building up the moral system of a chosen people, which is how he justifies genocide later on.

    For The Potency, act two is where the God of Potency starts messing with everybody’s patriotic symbols and sets the heroes on their path of ontologically confused revenge.


  3. Act 2 = middle part of the book or does it mean editing version number 2?

    I read somewhere that authors are so caught up by 1st and last chapter, that their ennui shows in the main bulk.

    As for editing, I yawn through it. It’s a dreary job – where all your creative juices get bogged down by em and en dashes and semicolons and colons.


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