Quality Editing: People Will Notice

I have a very strict and grueling editing process. After my first draft is complete it goes to my wife (The Queen) for a cleaning. I’ll make any suggested changes for clarity, verb choice, descriptions et al and pass it back to her. She’ll make another pass and then it’s ready for a critique group (I’ll go into these processes in detail in later posts).


After the critique group (about 4-7 readers) is done, I’ll address any changes that I deem necessary.

Then it goes back to “Queen-editor and chief” for any further corrections. I’m still not done.

Now it is time for the beta readers.  The piece is mostly “clean” for beta readers, so their concerns can be addressed with a few minor tweaks.

Finally the piece is ready for public consumption.

All of my Amazon and Goodreads reviewers have been impressed. They’ve mentioned that they love the quirky stories and characterizations. However, some have also called attention to the quality of the work, i.e., the quality of the prose, the lack of passive voice, or no grammatical errors. They recognized the time and trouble taken to create a quality product.

Therefore, do not ever skimp on your editing process, because people will notice.

Have others ever remarked about the process that you’ve put into something?

6 thoughts on “Quality Editing: People Will Notice

  1. I agree; they will notice. I’ve read a few not so nice reviews on Amazon for other writer’s work. It made me not self edit once and throw my work up for the public to read.

    Still, even when a story has been through many eyes, including that of a paid editor, sometimes a mistake occurs. I’ve seen this in books published by traditional publishers too, so I know it’s not the end of the world.

    I wish I were married to an editor or at least someone who reads. Having someone ‘in the house’ with a similar interest is very beneficial. Thankfully, I’m lucky to have many writing friends who love to read, edit and review stories.


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