NaNoWriMo 2015: Hosting a Write-In


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I live in a small town. The writer’s group is not a large one, but we do have enough members to host a write-in for #NaNoWriMo 2015. I also belong to a larger group based in #Boise, Id. My goal was to get the two groups together.
First I needed a venue, which turned out to be an easy task. The local writer’s group meets in a coffee shop. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there are #Indie-Authors, there’s coffee. The owner loved the idea for the write-in and told us to go ahead and spread the word.


Yes! I made that Cannoli

Now that I had the place, I had to come up with an idea to attract writers from Boise as well. This was going to be a difficult task, because there are many writing events taking place in Boise. Therefore I needed to concoct a way to entice others to take a 40 mile drive. The answer was a free-lunch.
I made up a tray of baked ravioli, chicken salad sandwiches, and cannoli. For the most part, it worked. One of the Boise members took the drive. Also, a few writers in town not normally associated with the local joined in with us. I would have liked more bodies to show up, but in the end it wasn’t a disappointment.


We got together, stuffed our faces, and banged away at our respective keyboards. I completed almost 2,000 words that day for my second fantasy novel…woohoo.
How did NaNoWriMo 2015 go for you?

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8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015: Hosting a Write-In

  1. I’ve never had a write-in before, but I’ve often thought about organising one. Maybe in the spring. It sounds like a wonderful idea, as long as we don’t get caught up in the talking about writing instead of actually writing. lol

    My first NaNoWriMo was a success. I reached 50,000 words on November 27th. I continued to write 1,667 words a day, and as of last night when I shut things down, I have 55,914. The novel–my first first modern day contemporary one that is not a romance or humour–will probably end around 60,000 words or a little more.

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    • Wow Diane that is awesome! I had a pitiful NaNo this year with only 11K. Life just kept getting in the way. But I am happy with what I have because it’s almost all dialog.
      I’m going to attempt forming an on-line critique group probably around January. Still have last year’s novel to edit.
      If you want join in let me know.


      • The goal is to write, so as long as you’ve got some writing done, all is not lost.

        What does an on-line critique group do? I’ve never been part of one. I’m a part of a ‘private’ critique group–two actually. One I meet in person. The other is done with two other writers through email.


        • We meet in a live chat. So you can relax in the comfort of your home with tea and your cat on your lap while enjoying a standard critique session.
          We usually email each other chapters, mail them back with tracking notes. The meeting is for commentary.


  2. Alas, I can’t make it to many write ins that aren’t at obscenely early hours. 🙂 At least when the kids are asleep, I don’t feel guilty prioritizing my writing over them.

    Good job with what you got accomplished!


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