When Bright Lights Burn Out

In the past month, I have heard two disturbing pieces of news of a personal nature. However, I think most of us have experienced this type of news as well and can relate. Perhaps this is rather fitting, especially when one considers that 2015 is about to fade away and a New Year starts tomorrow.

Leaving the wilderness of New York City for San Antonio, and then later to Idaho, has separated me from many friends, family, and acquaintances. A recent tour of Facebook brought me the news concerning the deaths of two friends, Monsignor Joseph Ansaldi and Marilyn Hudson Tucker.


Monsignor Ansaldi was the principal of St. Joseph H.S. where I taught for a few years. He was more of a guiding light than a boss, and therefore, always considered him a friend. As a lifelong #Catholic, I must say that he was one of the greatest homilists I’ve ever heard. It has been over six years since I’ve heard him speak, yet I can still recall some of his homilies and retell them completely.

Marilyn Hudson Tucker was a tireless contributor to the San Antonio Writer’s Guild. She took me under her wing and instructed me to start a #blog. She was my first “like” on #Wordpress, and I was her one-thousandth. She was always ready and available for a beta read, and ran the Ask a Grammar Guru page on Facebook. Moving has caused me to miss Sunday evening critiques at her home, but now I miss the writing scene in San Antonio more than ever.

I’ve never seen her upset, annoyed, angry, or anything like that. There was always a welcoming smile, and a calm demeanor that the rest of us can hopefully learn to imitate.

For Monsignor Ansaldi, the best way to honor him would be to live a better spiritual life.

For Marilyn Tucker, the best way for me to honor her memory would be to write more and make those writings great.


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9 thoughts on “When Bright Lights Burn Out

  1. Sadly, more and more bright lights will go out around us as we age. I am unusual, I believe, in that I lost *many* of my theatre buds early in life, including my best friend Robin. You never stop missing them – at least I never have. I always remind myself that it would be MUCH worse if they traveled beyond memory, however.

    Sincere condolences.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    -ADD Coach Training Field founder/ADD Coaching co-founder-
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


      • I had three important people leave this plane in almost the same week 2 years ago now (including my father). The only one that was “expected” so soon was Kate, one of my business partners, here in Cincinnati (bladder cancer). I was committed to my other biz partner (who was a wreck, since she had co-authored 3 ADD books with Kate and they had raised their children together) to help put together and “host” the memorial service. SO, I was unable to attend the other two.

        It bothers me still, especially since many of my college friend were able to be at Patty’s, and I would have seen what is left of my family (2 brothers), even though there was no official “service” for my Dad (in his 90s, so the few friends who were still going strong still would not have been able to travel to attend).

        What bothers me even more is wondering if I paid enough “respects” while they were alive – and that I didn’t get to see them one last time.

        Again, sincere condolences.


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