Cover Idea for “Night Flights”

Mimicking the style of certain movie posters for a book or short story cover can be an entertaining challenge. Of course I’m not talking about copying, but rather imitating a style. If you were to look at the posters for these films ( Barry Lyndon, Anatomy of a Murder ) you’ll see what I am talking about. Many other films have used this type of cut-out cartoon, and I’d like to try it out for my new short story single called “Night Flights.”

I distinctly remember this type of artwork used in movies from years ago, but when I went searching for them, they were updated. For example, the cover for “The Longest Day” went from the cutout style to a new version that oddly resembles “Saving Private Ryan.” So much for nostalgia. There are other reasons why I want this cover to look like something the 1950’s or early 1960’s, but then I’d be spoiling part of the story.

Here’s a “first-draft” of the cover.



I made this image using Adobe Photoshop, but I’d like to make a better version on a tablet with a new drawing program, or on power point. If someone were to zoom in or if they look at it on a large tablet, it would pixelate. Also, Power Point and other drawing programs have more font options.

Does this cover design get a “thumbs up” from you?


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4 thoughts on “Cover Idea for “Night Flights”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘cut out’ type poster art, but does it evoke a similarity to the posters you linked… yes, it certainly does. It’s stark and eye catching, with a good tie in with the title (and I’m guessing, the plot). It does look kind of amateurish. I’m not sure if people will be able to tell it was done intentionally or not. If this captures the story as well as the graphic and the title match, go with it. It’s a strong and simple image.


    • Hello Jim, Welcome aboard!
      Adobe quality does look somewhat “amateurish”. I’m hoping it has a more polished look with a different graphics program. Of course. I’m sure that the design can also be tweaked to give it a more intentional quirkiness.


  2. Ernie, I’m thinking you may want to look at the classic posters for Hitchcock’s movies. Some may fit in with your style. As it stands and without reading your novel, could it be beneficial to add an odd number of characters (3 or 5) male and female floating upwards? Just my initial thoughts. Hope all goes well. Keep me in the loop if you would like to.

    All the very best and Happy New Year 2016 and beyond for you and Ruth. Michelle and I miss you guys. Our careers are finally taking traction. Who would’ve thought? Catch you later. :=)


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