A New Kitten for a New Year

My wife took pity on this kitten she saw on our hometown’s Facebook page. For days she worked her way up to the big moment of acceptance with statements like, “I checked the page and nobody responded. We can’t allow that kitten to go to a shelter.”

This pattern repeated several times per day over the weekend. Then the moment of truth arrived, a supreme display of the dynamics of the female synapses. She said, “What do you think, honey? Should we take her?”

As if I had any say in the matter, but her premade decision was now justified because she had deigned to ask me, the Lord of the Manor (all right, stop laughing at me). Of course she asked after days of doom and gloom comments, knowing that I would never offer any opinion to the contrary in order to keep my genitals in full working order. Yes ladies, a man will say and do anything to keep his “package” intact and free from sudden attacks from his enraged femalien-geneto-mate.


The new kitten is snug as a bug in a proverbial rug. Now the problem is to get our other two cats to accept her. We’ve been advised by the vet to keep the new kitty in a separate room for a few days until the others start to get accustomed to her scent and presence. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, because it hasn’t started out well.

There has been much activity by our two fuzzy daughters. They walk up to the door and stare at it for a while. If they see any sign of the new kitty, then they let out a hiss reminiscent of the hive queen from Aliens. I’m beginning to feel helpless. How can I explain to our cats that they have a new sister, when neither of them can speak or understand English? Hopefully someday, Minerva, Phoenix, and Luna will learn to get along (are you noticing the Harry Potter theme for feline names?).

Time for lots of pets, cuddles, and toys (Minnie loves the laser pointer) for emotional reassurance. Then the wife comes home and it’s time for lots of strokes, cuddles, and foot massages for emotional reassurance. Is there no escape?

Any tips on introducing a new cat into the household? O.k., then how about a few prayers? 🙂


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5 thoughts on “A New Kitten for a New Year

  1. Good luck with the new kitten. I remember ours when it was young; it was mostly black. It was our first, and, wow, did we learn things fast about what that kitten wanted to tear apart–I mean play with.


      • We won’t have to worry about any hissing. This is a one-cat household. Goats, chickens and donkeys go through this sort of thing too when new animals are introduced. When we got a horse a few years ago, it weighed twice as much as our miniature donkey, but we soon found out, she was top of the pecking order. The gelding yielded to her every time.


  2. Hi Donna, welcome to my blog.
    I kept the new kitty in our guest room for two days. The other cats were very aware that another kitty was in the house. Although we had her out, we still put her back in the room overnight, in case the fur went flying while we were sleeping.


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