Ted Cruz and New York Values Hype

Usually I don’t get into politics, publically endorsing candidates on this blog or anything like that. However, let’s just say that for today, although transplanted to Texas and Idaho, I am a born and bred New Yorker. The comment about New York and New Yorkers during last night’s Republican Debate by Texas Senator Ted Cruz has become something of a sensation, and the hashtag #NewYorkValues has exploded within the ether of the internet.

Better Do some Explainin’ Pardner

Senator Cruz better walk this one back and fast if he ever hopes to get anywhere. People make “paint-brush” comments all of the time, but it is a bit different when it comes from someone who wants to be President. And if you bear the moniker of “conservative,” you better get a suit of armor.

We all have cartoon caricatures of different people. When I moved to Texas, it took two weeks before I saw someone wearing a cowboy hat. And nobody ever hitched up their belt with a six-shooter and said “Yup,” or “Nope pardner.”

What I did find, was some very erudite and artistically astute people. The independent author scene in San Antonio was vibrant and I jumped right in, learned a lot, and made some close friends.

It would seem that Ted Cruz is suffering from that same desire to create an image that just isn’t true. I remember a short story from Sinclair Lewis called “Travel is so broadening.” Perhaps Ted, and anyone else who wants to be the POTUS should do some travelling around the country before campaigning.

Who Are New Yorkers?

I think I can make an honest and valid assessment because I lived there for forty-five years.

“New Yorkers are like eggs, hard on the outside but soft and gushy on the inside.” – ESG

We all know that the guy with rainbow body paint dancing wildly during the Halloween parade is what most other Americans get to see of New York. However, there are also more Churches than can be imagined. For instance, Brooklyn is nick-named “The Borough of Churches,” you can’t walk more than two blocks without seeing one. And yes, those Churches fill up.

What most people do not realize is that there is a conservative streak among the populace as well. One look at the financial district should tell you about that.

New York is an anomaly in the American landscape. Lower Manhattan feels like old Europe with its non-grid pattern of zigzagging streets. It is also the first stop in the U.S. for most immigrants. Therefore, at first glance, it does feel like the capitol of Planet Earth rather than an American city.

Unless you’ve eaten in a true ethnic family-owned restaurant (mmm NY pizza), been to the cafés in Greenwich Village, purchased a coke and a newspaper at a corner bodega, attend Mass, rode the subway, had a drink in a neighborhood bar, or walked the streets and felt like a stranger because you don’t speak the language, you don’t really know anything about The Big Apple.

Ted Cruz should bear in mind that…

…the title is “President of the United States” not “President of Some States, especially those who have populations that share my views (after 5:00pm President of The Majority of States after the evening news cycle).” With the knowledge that conservative have about the viciousness of the liberal media. Therefore, he should have been more careful.

Of course, the only thing that Ted Cruz is guilty about is not being knowledgeable about the intricacies of one of the world’s largest and most diverse places. Sorry it’s not that big of a deal, especially when compared to other comments by other politicians.

And Now for Something (Almost) Completely Different

Of course the pandemonium and brouhaha over Ted Cruz’s comment is just that, “big-liberal-media-biased-hype.”

Would they ever treat a Liberal Democrat like that? No! And I can prove it with just two examples.

When Rahm Emmanuel told Chik-Fil-A that they better not try to come to Chicago, people should have been screaming for his resignation. Imagine the mayor of a major American city telling certain people that they were not allowed in his city.

When NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that anyone who is conservative or pro-life is not welcomed in NY State, the people and the media should have been calling for his resignation as well.

Pssst…Later, did anyone in media notice how Mr. Cuomo made sure he was video-taped greeting Pope Francis? No. They didn’t. Of course Pope Francis is probably the world’s foremost representative of the Pro-Life Agenda.

“I think I need wings to stay above the ocean of political and media bullshit.” -ESG

Ted Cruz is a Senator from Texas, he can only propose a law and vote on other proposals. But Rahm Emmanuel and Andrew Cuomo are chief-executives over particular parcels of land within the U.S. When they made their comments, they possessed true political power over the lives of other American citizens. However, if I tried to state more examples, this post would have to turn into a book.

O.K., I Can’t Resist, one more example.

Did the liberal media do or say anything critical when a guy named Barak Obama commented on the people of Pennsylvania? No. They did nothing but back him up.

“And it is not surprising then they get bitter. They cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” – Barak Obama

By the way, he was already the Democratic Party’s nominee for President when he made that hateful and ignorant comment.

One Man’s Bias

It just goes to prove that to the “Lamestream Media”, a liberal can unleash some of the most ridiculous-hateful-ignorant-racist-biased things about certain people, provided that their left-wing comrades in the media regard those same people as political or social engineering opponents.

What rock-solid and steadfast behavior from those who are the self-proclaimed guardians of tolerance and understanding.

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