Today Is Not Your Birthday? Here’s a Present Anyway

After a partial revamp of my social media (this blog included). I’ve decided to create a page for Free Short Stories. Now I’ve always been against giving things away. I’ve seen too many Tweets concerning free novels, and I’m still against that practice. I will not chastise anyone or get in their face about it. I mean, they wrote a novel and it’s their property. Therefore, it’s theirs to give away.


Birthday Cake by Theresa Thompson Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for quite some time now. The thought of giving it away for free wounds me. However, the occasional short story is a bit different. Most of them are only 8-12 pages, and while I do work hard to rigorously refine them, they do not represent the same blood, sweat, and tears, that go into a novel.

When it comes to freebies, I sort of “get it” from a marketing standpoint. Maybe if I had a series of five novels, I may be prompted to do a free give-a-way of the first one for a week or so.

This leads me to the point of this post and your “non-birthday” present, namely, the new page tab for offering Free Short Stories. After all, it can’t hurt, and it may pose as a good platform to introduce you to my “wordsmithing” abilities. You may love them, hate them, or feel ho-hum. But they’re out there waiting for you.

Enjoy the first one called Gematria², and leave a comment. I am truly interested in your opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Today Is Not Your Birthday? Here’s a Present Anyway

  1. I am doing what you are doing: giving away shorts to entice readers to buy long.

    Like you, I cannot give away full-length novels I’ve slaved for years to bring to life. I’ve done quick, short giveaways, limiting the number given away, and when book two of the Castle Keepers series is available, I might–probably will–make it free for a short time to encourage readers to buy book two.


    • Agreed Diane. Gotta let people see a sample of your writing. It will hurt but its necessary (like a tetanus shot).
      Sometimes I’ll write a short that doesn’t “fit in” with a collection. Those are the ones that I’ll post here.
      Hope you take a read of Gematria 2 (squared), because I value your opinion.


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