2016: The year “We the People” Are Told to Shut Up and Obey!

I remember some activists in NYC in my college days. There was a sign in their office that read, ‘If Voting Ever Really Changed Anything It Would Be Illegal.’

Perhaps 2016 is the year when we see that the people’s choice for the nominations of the Democratic and Republican Parties become illegal. Well, maybe not in the sense of a law being passed to make voting illegal. But rather, in the sense of the people have honestly spoken, and the Washington insider power brokers need to save the people from themselves while preserving their own elite status.

This is the year of the outsider candidates, namely Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Bernie Sanders.

Just for the record, I’m a Libertarian. Therefore, I’m always stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils.


Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey – Icons by DonkeyHotey used under CC License

On the Democratic side

Option A: Hillary Clinton gets the most delegates and doesn’t really need the help of the Super Delegates. Of course if this is how things turn out, I’ll forever substitute the word Democrat with Dumbocrat.

Option B: Bernie Sanders gets the most delegates from the primaries and caucuses, but at the last second the super delegates decide that Hillary is the candidate anyway. Sorry little plebeians, we’ll decide for you.

Option C: The F.B.I. investigations of emails and the Clinton Foundation prevent Hillary’s nomination, which leaves the delegates open to drop someone in at the convention, like Joe Biden or John Kerry, robbing Bernie Sanders and all of the voters in those primary races. Sorry little plebeians, we’ll decide for you.

And on the Republican side

Option A: If either Trump or Cruz receives enough delegates to be the official nominee, then conservative establishment forces are going to raise funds to back an independent conservative. Sorry little plebeians, we’re gonna stop you in your tracks.

Option B: If neither candidate gets enough delegates, and there’s a brokered convention, then a mainstream centrist will be named like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. Sorry little plebeians, we’ve decided for you.

Yes, I know there are rules and regulations on the books concerning a brokered convention. But just remember, the Republican hierarchy can change those rules at any given second.

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I saw Mitt Romney interviewed this week. He firmly stated that he is not running for President and doesn’t see any way that he could. However, he also said, how can anyone drafted by their country refuse to serve? Doesn’t that sound like he was leaving the door open?

Let’s Face An Uncomfortable Fact

There is no difference between a Democratic or Republican centrist. Therefore, the entrenched establishment doesn’t really care about which party controls the oval office, as long as they get to control the candidate.

Let 2016 be remembered as the year that the American Electorate took a page from Monty Python’s Flying Circus and said to Washington D.C., “And now for something completely different.” Then the Washington Elitists retorted with, “Oh yeah, we’ll just see about that.”

Who will you support?

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4 thoughts on “2016: The year “We the People” Are Told to Shut Up and Obey!

  1. If nothing else, American politics is entertaining. We have boring politics in Canada, but the US more than makes up for it. As usually, we don’t make too big a deal out of things. We vote, we get a prime minister and then we vote him out in less than four years. We switch political groups as easily as we change our socks. I don’t know a die-hard Liberal, Conservative, NDP or Green Party voter; we simply aren’t dedicated enough.

    So American politics is very foreign to us, but I know many–my husband included–who have been watching what has been going on south of our border. We giggle from our seats, but we realise how detrimental it will be for the US citizen if Trump gets in. And we are in awe that he has gotten this far. It’s like a bad TV reality show: what you fear will happen, happens. Incredible.

    A few years ago, a new idea popped into my head: majority governments don’t work. At least not the way we believe to and not the way they should.

    The person who gets the most votes doesn’t always win. It is the person with the most ‘seats’. We call them seats, but I’m not sure what you call them. Didn’t Obama win by the most seats but not the most votes the first time?

    But the main reason majority governments don’t work–and it’s more now than before, I think–is because the ‘sheep’ who cast most of the votes are easily swayed by propaganda. The best doesn’t win; the most popular does.

    The best comparison I can use is VHS tapes compared to BETA. I was always told that BETA was the best tape and machine. However, VHS won that battle because they were more popular. As a society, we didn’t suffer too much from this.

    Electing the next person to run a country shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but…

    I wish you good luck. Though I giggle at his antics, I do not wish Trump as a leader of any country.


  2. I agree. This is the year anti-establishment went mainstream and the plebians, the same people I was calling the resentful, rose up.

    Regardless of what happens, though, I think the Reagan coalition is dead for the simple fact that poor whites are currently taking it out behind the shed and putting a bullet between its eyes.

    The constitution makes third parties almost impossible, so this begs the question of where the shrapnel ends up. Do the Libertarians, homeless in the newly populist Republican Party, end up on the left? Do the educated white liberals, horrified at the type of person the poor elect (ie Donald Trump) abandon the left and get into bed with the business interests?

    The only thing I’d say with certainty is that the blacks and the poor whites will be on opposite sides and that’s simply because, historically, I have never found a single instance of the downtrodden members of the dominant race teaming up with anyone from a “lower” race.

    If you’d like to see this in an interesting light, you might choose to interpret Trump supporters as “little whites,” the Republican elite as “big whites,” educated whites and Asians as “coloreds” and blacks and unassimilated Hispanics as “slaves” in this excellent narrative.


    The little whites are angry and under-represented and very interested in justice and fight with all the other groups, especially the coloreds. The big whites are, cultured and mostly indifferent to issues of identity so long as they make enough money to retire in France, the coloreds value equality and the latest intellectual trends, are mortal enemies of the little whites and, protestations aside, are perfectly happy to exploit (and own) members of the forth group – the slaves. The slaves are almost as resentful as the small whites, treated even worse and, while too structurally incoherent to build things, more than capable of burning social structures to the ground. Tell me this doesn’t fit pretty neatly over 2016 America.


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