#trumprally in Chicago: A Sad Evening

The United States of America will be dead nation, society, and culture soon. It pains me to say that, but I see no hope for the future. I watched live video from the #trumprally in Chicago this evening. That’s the reason I can make such a provocative statement with a large degree of assurance that my assessment is correct.

Please remember that the majority of the protestors were Bernie Sanders supporters.

Let me make one thing clear. I am NOT in the tank for Trump. I am leaning toward Ted Cruz, because he is a strict constitutionalist and I like my First Amendment Rights chiseled in stone.

A Few Disturbing Facts

The real name of the Nazi Party in Germany was The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). The German word for “national” is “nazional,” which is where the diminutive form “Nazi” comes from. That’s right boys and girls, they were self-proclaimed socialists.

Benito Mussolini was the editor of a socialist newspaper before staging his coup d’etat. He was later expelled from the party due to his changing support for WWI.

Both employed tactics of disruption, violence, and/or the threat of violence to silence the voice of any political opponent. We should consider Socialism as the “gateway drug” to Fascism. They start off as socialists, and once they taste the frenzy of political battle, they turn militant and fascist.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist, and his supporters succumbed to using fascist tactics, namely disruption and the threat of violence to silence their political opponent Donald Trump.

I don’t think that Senator Sanders will turn into another Hitler or Mussolini. However, once you go socialist, you never go back. What will future administrations do with that power? Who will be his vice-president?

Remember, his supporters are already imitating the tactics of Hitler’s NSDAP.

Blame the Victim

Nobody will ever seriously say things like “Well she deserved it, look at how she was dressed.” Yet when it comes to a conservative presidential candidate, the “blame the victim” scenario seems to be playing out.

I’ve lost a lot of faith, trust, and confidence in all of the other candidates (except Clinton, she doesn’t project any of the aforementioned attributes). All of them jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon.

Sen. Sanders has told stories about family escaping Nazi Germany or falling victim, one would think that he’d recognize the tactics and admonish those responsible or at least ask them to stop. He hasn’t!

One would think that strict constitutionalist like Ted Cruz should’ve have said something about the left inhibiting the right to free speech. He hasn’t!

Yes, I just criticized the candidate that I support (just try to get a Liberal to do that).

The Lamestream Media Strikes Again

When it comes to whipping up the “libtard lemmings” into a frenzy, nobody does it better than the lamestream liberal media. They project images and make statements filled with hateful lies about republicans and conservatives.

They show Conservatives pushing old women in wheel-chairs off cliffs, they make them believe that to be a conservative you must love dirty air and water, hate gay people, demand that women spend their lives barefoot and pregnant, et al. If I were to list them all, this blog post would turn into a book.

And they present this point of view while posing as an intelligent informative authority. After their “lemming legions” act out violently, then they have the audacity to say things like, “Well maybe Mr. Trump should tone down his speeches.”

Perhaps they should tone down their rhetoric about Trump. The latest KKK disavowal nonsense shows how they present distortions.

Notice how they didn’t report that Trump left the Reform Party in the 1990’s when David Duke and Pat Buchanon became members.

Notice how they didn’t report that David Duke’s favorite subject is anti-Semitism, and the fact that Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism in 2009 and married a Jewish man.

Notice how they didn’t report that David Duke started his political career as a Democrat.

Notice how they didn’t report that Duke founded a White Student group in 1970 that affiliated itself with the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP). Ooops there’s that socialist / fascist connection again.

How does this lone incident make me so sure about the death of The U.S.A.?

We’ve been watching the steady rise of incidents where the free-speech rights of conservatives get shut down on college campuses everywhere. Even Ben Carson said “…on our campuses intolerance reigns supreme.”

Yet, when Sen. Sanders went to Liberty University, the students didn’t shut him down. The students at the most Christian conservative campus let him have his say. Here’s a YouTube link so you can see it for yourself.

Also, please pay attention to the comments left by some obvious “libtard lemmings” Did you notice that all they can say about their superior conservative counterparts was either insulting or demeaning?

During the #trumprally debacle, social media was rife with some of the most disturbing things. I saw quite a few Tweets that Donald Trump doesn’t have the right to free-speech. Huh?

It would seem that too many people had fallen asleep during Civics 101 or American Government classes? But I doubt it. I’ll say the cause is the attitude being taught in our universities by Left Wing-nut Professors. Then those messages get reinforced by liberal media outlets.

Whatever happened to… “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

I was taught that in American Government class in high school and have never forgotten it. How sad that the future of America and the freedoms that we cherish will soon be in the hands of the pseudo-educated.

How incredibly sad that the new Liberal Fascists deny basic rights and employ the same tactics as their forbearers from Nazi Germany. It is frightening enough to envision a violent mob with brown shirts and armbands. However, how much more frightening is it when they wear cute tee-shirts, designer jeans, and have no clue concerning the behavior they are emulating due to the hateful political philosophy that they have unwittingly embraced as righteousness.

You know you “feel the Bern” to comment.

2 thoughts on “#trumprally in Chicago: A Sad Evening

  1. They say you learn one new thing each day–in this case ‘they’ are right. I did not know the word Nazi came for the short version of the German word for national.

    Canada leans towards socialism too, and I worry about that. Where Trump will close all doors, we have a wingnut that wants to throw them all open. I disagree with him on many levels and I didn’t vote for him. In about three years, six months (or sooner), he’ll be gone.

    You had him over for dinner last week; so says a few news feeds in Facebook. I didn’t pay attention. I’m sure your pres. and our prime ate well, took a few selfies and proclaimed themselves doing good.

    As a neighbour with a long fence line between us, Canadians do pay somewhat attention to what you are doing (some more than others; my husband is a political junk nut). If something big happens, we fear we’ll be dragged into the fight (or defence). It matters to us that you have someone responsible at the helm.

    It seems unwise people sling insults when they can’t find something concrete to throw. But then, perhaps they believe the real news isn’t what the sheep want to hear. I mean, humans argue over which dress was best at the Oscars, and fight over the best movies. These things have nothing to do with our survival or well-being.

    It’s a confusing world. It’s as if the population wants to avoid the real issues and focus on meaningless things, such as which actress is too skinny. Do you see a pattern? People are more interested in celebrities.

    It makes me think humans haven’t evolved much, or we are going backwards–reached our peek and now on the downhill slide.

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