Night Flights: A New Sci-Fi / Horror Short Story

Hi all! So it’s been a while, but at last I have a new release out on Amazon called Night Flights, and I’m really excited to share it with you!

Strange, terrifying images plague the mind of Peter the artist. Are they memories? Nightmares? Visions of the future? What is spawning them, and how is his wife experiencing the same delusions?



About The Cover Art

Some of my research took me into the 1960’s. Of course I can’t tell what I specifically looked into, because that would be a terrible spoiler. However, that inspired the thought to design a cover reminiscent of movie posters and other cover arts from that era.

Other 1960’s Inspirations

Most of you know from previous blog posts about my favorite films that one of my degrees was in Cinema Studies. In a post about my Favorite Films from the 1960’s, you’ll see the film Once Upon A Time In The West sitting at number fifteen. Director Sergio Leone incorporated an ingenious technique when he would occasionally cut to an out-of-focus image. With each successive cut, the image becomes clearer and clearer, until the final revelation when the shot is completely sharp.

I sort of played with that technique in Night Flights. The main character is an artist who has trouble faithfully reproducing his odd visions on canvas. Of course, you’ll have to read it to discover if he ever pieces everything together. But will it give him an answer?

A Long Road

I started writing Night Flights while travelling from Texas to Idaho. Motels can get rather boring when you’re on a road trip. So I passed the evening time away with my trusty laptop, a cold soda, and some Marlboros.

Moving to a new home brought some other priorities, so I didn’t finish the first draft until a few months ago. After a few critique sessions, multiple editing passes, and beta reads, I can proudly say it’s done.

Of course I’ve written other things during that time that are not yet released. I completed the first draft of my fantasy novel, and have edited the first ten chapters. Also, I’m working on a collection of shorts to be released later this year called “Pressure Points”

Night Flights is a single release because it doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the “Pressure Points” collection. Night Flights is a Sci-Fi / Horror story, and there are no others of that genre in the forthcoming collection.

Go check it out! Tell me your thoughts about Night Flights. Did you have a favorite line or scene? Did it keep you up at night? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Night Flights: A New Sci-Fi / Horror Short Story

  1. Interesting cover. It’s eye-catching.

    I don’t get to travel much anymore, but when I do, I tend to read and not write. It’s probably because I finally get the chance to read a novel without being interrupted by work.


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