Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 (Final)

The thirty days of furious quill scratching is now over. I know that we all use keyboards now, but didn’t that sound quaint?


We had some good write-in sessions and got to meet and exchange a few ideas with new authors in the area.


Of course I didn’t reach the 50K word milestone, but I did get to the point where I wanted to be. The second novel in the “Tales of Tyrennia Series,” is now taking on definite form. I made it to 10,249 words or 50 pages.

Now I can relax (I hear you laughing) and get back to editing the first novel and another short story collection.

The shorts collection “Pressure Points,” is very close to completion. However, I’m going to get more of the novel “An Easterly Sojourn” edited before going back to the shorts collection. Breaking up the work at hand helps me to deal with it.

How did Camp #NaNoWrimo 2016 turn out for you?


3 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 (Final)

  1. Congratulations on what you accomplished! I didn’t get to participate at all since I’m still dealing with health issues, so I’m a little envious of all of you awesome kids who got to play. 🙂 Great job! 😀


  2. Quill scratching – I heard there are a few writers who use this to get into the zone. Personally, I’ve never tried to write with a feather (not anything of substances though I’ve scribbled my name in the dirt with a large duck feather).

    It sounds as if you had a successful writing month even if you didn’t reach the goal set by the NaNoWriMo team. Write on!


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