Star Trek Turns 50 (Part I)

They call me Mr. Trekkie, because I own the DVD collection for every Star Trek Series and Movies. Yes, I was an avid fan when the original series aired back in the 60’s. Of course, I was a bit too young to understand all of the serious complexities and themes being fleshed out. However, in the 70’s I grew up and appreciated the show even more during re-runs.


Tastes change over time and I readily (and quite eagerly) accepted the new paradigms of The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise. Sometimes, other sci-fi adventures got the better of my attention like Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica (original and 2.0). I’m not apologizing for drifting into alternate sci-fi future universes. After all, they were well made too. Perhaps that makes me Mr. Geeky, but I don’t care. There’s nothing like curling up with a snack and an awesome show for a top notch Science Fiction experience.

Here’s a poll (and it has nothing to do with Trump or Hillary)

Who is your favorite Star Trek Captain? Psst I don’t want to influence anyone. I’ll reveal my choice after the votes are cast.


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9 thoughts on “Star Trek Turns 50 (Part I)

  1. I voted for Sisko, although I was torn between him and Archer. I was sad when they pulled Enterprise, but not really surprised: the last season’s long story arcs that spanned across half a dozen episodes were too much for our fast-paced era of diminishing attention spans…


  2. I love the original series best, but as far as Captains go, I think I like Picard from the Next Generation better over Captain Kirk. Kirk Is good, but sometimes it feels like he doesn’t have the same maturity level that Picard has. Haven’t watched enough of the other ones to give much thought into the other captains though. =)


  3. I prefer the original series because it seems raw, ground-breaking. More so than the others. Yes, it was far-fetched and corn at times, but that was its appeal. Captain Kirk has always entertained me the most–for the better or worse. He has always been ‘the’ captain for me. I’ve watched the episodes of Next Generation oodles of time. I disliked Picard. Too arrogant, and I’ll tell it like it is: too old to hit on young women. I don’t like the Hollywood trend where the man can be twenty years older than the woman (older enough to be her father). I roll my eyes and think, “What’s she doing with that senior? Dump him and go for Number One!”

    I’ve watch and enjoyed Janeway, but this series was on in a time of my life when I was busy with work and camping, so I missed a lot of shows. By the time Deep Space Nine came along, I was less likely to watch television, and the show never impressed me. Even though my brothers always watched it, I simply walked passed the TV without stopping.

    Like you, I watched a lot of other series: Battle Star Galactica (I hate the remake), Space 1999 (We’re well past that year) and others. I think I watched them because of Star Trek. Star Trek introduced many to science fiction, and we fell in love with it.

    Although you didn’t ask, my most favourite character was Spock. Not always the captain, but he made a great fill in when needed.


  4. Hi Diane…I’m sure you voted 🙂
    I’ll always be enamored with the original series. You can pick up any disk and just enjoy because of the lack of a story arc. Nothing like the Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic.
    However, the rawness can show in Star Trek Enterprise. They don’t have regulations like The Prime Directive. They’re out there learning as they go.

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