Not just ‘Deplorable’ But Also ‘Irredeemable’

As you may already know, Hillary Clinton made a comment, calling 50% of Donald Trump’s supporters ‘Deplorable.’ However, that’s only 50% of the story. She also mentioned that those ‘Deplorable’ individuals are also ‘Irredeemable.’

It is utterly amazing that the media has overlooked that last part of her speech. Why amazing? Because the ‘irredeemable’ comment is worse – a lot worse.


Public Domain Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Referring to people as ‘irredeemable’ is a veritable slap in the face to the Theological and Doctrinal teachings of any and all Christian denominations. Whether you are Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, Mrs. Clinton has professed an offensive belief that stands in complete opposition to the teachings of your respective Churches. A more honest and straight-forward version of her comment would go something like this…

“Your belief in the redemptive power of God is complete bullshit!” Imagine the media firestorm that would combust if Donald Trump said something like that.

With her comment, did she not also offend Jewish people with respect to Yom Kippur? Or Muslims as to The Hajj? I am not well-versed in those Theologies, but I believe that both concern renewal, forgiveness, and redemption of the soul.

On account of my Catholicism, I have to suffer a few slings and arrows on a daily basis. Those arrows can get under my skin sometimes. However, hearing misguided bigotry from a “John Q” on Google+ or Facebook, is a far cry from installing someone who professes such beliefs into the Oval Office.

Also, how much worse is the ‘Irredeemable’statement, because Hillary Clinton delivered it from within a rehearsed and carefully crafted speech?

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