Trump: “Because You’d be in Jail.”

I keep seeing many postings on Facebook and Twitter concerning this retort by Donald Trump during the 2nd Presidential Debate. The on-line “chatter” concerns the scary premise that if elected to the Presidency, the evil Donald Trump will exact justice against political opponents by tossing them en masse into jail like a third world dictator.

Anyone espousing such a ridiculous interpretation is either a fork-tongued devil or a blithering idiot.

As of today, as I write these words, we already have a third world, corrupt Justice System. The FBI, DOJ, and IRS are supposed to be free and independent of politics. However, after seven years of the Obama administration, they have become corrupt servants of the Washington insider ruling elite class. Donald Trump didn’t create this situation, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did.

Anyone who saw the FBI news conference by James Comey knows that the DOJ should have indicted Hillary Clinton. The evidence then was overwhelming and subsequent leaks have dramatically revealed more of the underhanded and foul deeds of the U.S. State Department during Clinton’s tenure.


Donald Trump By Gage Skidmore used under CC License

A few days before the news conference, Bill Clinton had a clandestine meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. We’ll never know what was said during that time. However, it is plainly obvious that some type of deal was struck.

Now you know the backstory. Let’s return to the original quote: “Because you’d be in jail.” Notice that in the context of the debate, he is talking just to Hillary, a plainly guilty person. What he’s really saying is, “If I were President, your guilty ass would be in jail. Because a Justice system under my administration wouldn’t let the guilty go free simply because they have friends in high places.” Most right-thinking Americans would agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment.

However, some are using social media to loosely interpret the quote as “When I’m President, I’m going to toss you in jail whether you’re guilty or not, simply because I don’t like you.” Of course, the only two reasons for spreading such a misleading interpretation are 1) The poster is a blithering idiot who doesn’t understand the complexities and subtleties of the English language. 2) The poster understands the true meaning but takes the opportunity to twist words around intentionally like a fork-tongued devil.

Sorry, I know I don’t usually rant over these political nonsense games. However, obfuscating the obvious really gets under my skin.Therefore, the next time you see someone playing this game, send them over here for an education.

5 thoughts on “Trump: “Because You’d be in Jail.”

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m sorry the best two people these parties could come up with were these two individuals who are clearly not presidential material. As a Canadian, I’m happy to be standing on this side of the border watching from afar. It’s a reality show gone awry.

    As sad as this sounds, if forced to choose between the two clowns, I’d pick Trump, the devil who exposes himself to be what he is, instead of Clinton, the schemer who has many secrets to hide and a questionable agenda.

    Actually, it all boils down to this: I don’t want to see Bill Clinton’s ugly, cheating mug standing beside Hillary on the television for the next four years. Honestly, any woman with a grain of respect for herself would have divorced and sued that man for everything he’s worth.


    • Hi Diane, I’m so happy when you drop in 🙂
      Yes, Trump is rough and gruff, but he’s real and doesn’t have blood on his hands. Also, knowing what Hillary did to those women afterwards is rather sickening.
      As always, I appreciate your honesty.


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