Hillary Clinton’s Contempt and Hatred for Americans

I find the silence hard to believe. Wikileaks just released a heap of emails with damning information about the Clinton campaign. This should be the headline of every major newspaper and the lead story for every cable television news outlet.  However, the “lamestream” media won’t touch it. Except, of course, some commentators on Fox News.

You can bet every penny that if Donald Trump or someone within his campaign leadership said these things, it would be broadcast everywhere. Even a group of pygmies living on an island in the South Pacific would know about it.

In the past, Hillary has called…

…Trump’s supporters “deplorable and irredeemable.”

….Bernie Sander’s supporters “basement dwellers.”

…young black men “super predators.”

…Paul Fray a “f*cking Jew Bastard.”


Public Domain Image

And now, Wikileaks reveals that #HillaryClinton and her team have passed emails back and forth in which they call Catholics “backwards,” and Catholicism a “bastardization of the faith.”

I have written other blog posts concerning the hatred and contempt that others have for Catholics and Catholicism. However, those instances of Anti-Catholicism on social media were made by misinformed nobodies on the Internet. Yes, the lies they perpetrate get under my skin, but those bigots have no power over me and are in no position to affect my life and liberty.

Now the situation has completely changed. Hillary Clinton, the person seeking the highest office of the land, and many within her sphere of influence, are espousing the same bigoted attitude as Anti-Catholic internet trolls. If elected, Hillary will have the power to write executive orders, pass laws, and direct official policy of the United States.

Let’s add the fact that she once said in a prepared speech that “…religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” Within those leaked emails, organizations such as “Catholics United” and “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” are revealed as left-wing liberal sub-organizations created for the sole express purpose of starting a revolt from within the Church.

A clear picture begins to emerge. Never before has there been an arm of the government singling out and targeting the Church. Why now? It’s simply because the Catholic Church is standing in the Democrats’ way, preventing them from creating a Left-Wing-Liberal-Fascist-Secular dystopia.

Just a few weeks ago, a documentary called “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” premiered. It demonstrated how community organizing groups based upon Saul Alinsky’s pro-government-dependency principles penetrated the Church in Chicago. By the way, President Obama is an Alinsky Community Organizer from Chicago, too. His administration has been involved with 56 lawsuits against the Catholic Church. Also, Hillary Clinton’s graduate thesis extolled the praises of the book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. Just FYI, the author had dedicated the book to Lucifer.

In case you’re not Catholic, those uncovered emails showed an equally low opinion of Evangelical Protestants as well.

Considering the long list of different Americans (I haven’t touched on all of them, for the sake of brevity) that Clinton and her entourage despise, and considering the fact that almost no major news outlets are talking about it, something comes to mind. The 1948 speech by Alfred Niemoller, concerning apathy among Germans as group after group was targeted by the government in Nazi Germany.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Even if you’re not listed among one of Hillary Clinton’s hated groups, go read the Niemoller speech and rue the day when you have to repeat the last line “…and then Hillary came after me.”


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