Phoenix (The Wonder Cat)

As you can see, Phoenix is a tortoise shell #cat. My wife acquired her from a rescue shelter when we were living in San Antonio. She was seven then and now she has reached the ripe old age of fourteen.

Unfortunately, she was de-clawed while she was there. De-clawing is such a foul and despicable practice. She still likes to scratch her imaginary claws on carpet posts.


Phoenix is something of a princess. Her favorite pastime is sleeping on the couch. Of course she turns into a lap cat whenever my wife and I cuddle up on the couch. She is playful, but on her own terms. Phoenix only likes to play with me or my wife, as for other cats….fuhgeddabowdit! Like I said, she is too much of a princess to bother with other cats. I’m sure she regards them as commoners in her royal eyes.

Even when we have visitors, Phoenix will sit on the back of the couch without the slightest hint of curiosity. Naturally she expects guests to approach her throne and greet her formally.

Since she is affectionate, a newcomer can make friends instantly by brushing her or using a toy mouse on a string. I think she enjoys a grooming session more than most other kitties.

Lastly, there is the specialty of her name. All of our cats’ names have something to do with Harry Potter. So goes my wife’s influence on the household.

Got cats, dogs, or something else? Tell me about your pet(s).



11 thoughts on “Phoenix (The Wonder Cat)

  1. De-clawing is despicable. Thanks for giving Phoenix a good home. I feed two feral cats at church who can’t live with us because our crazy coon hound would terrorize them. Getting the ferals spayed was quite a process, but at least there will be only two, unless they bring friends.

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  2. We have a black lab. Her name is Kya. We get pummeled with her tail on a regular basis, but would never have it cut off! It kills me how some people mangle animals for their convenience. I would like to foster animals, but hubby’s not on board. (Course we do have a friend’s dog staying as a favor right now, so maybe sometime…)


    • Hello Michelle
      Labs are such gentle dogs. I’m sure s/he give you lots of love and attention 🙂
      I’ve seen dogs with snipped tails. I wonder what type of heartless ba*&tard does one have to be to do something like that.
      I have friends in NYC who foster beagles for an organization called S.O.S. (Save Our Snoopys). They kept one a few years back and named him Shiloh.


  3. Phoenix is lovely. Happy to hear that you rescued her and she is now reigning in comfort. Our Midnight (black kitty who appeared in our barn ten years ago) adopted us. She rules and we are happy to be called her servants. Midnight was a runaway. We found out several years after she arrived that she left another family in our neighborhood and she had no desire to return. She loves to play and when human guests arrive, Midnight thinks they’ve come to visit her. Our daughters and grandchildren are now grown and thanks to Midnight, our nest is no longer empty. 🙂


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