An Easterly Sojourn: Chapter 7 Added

Every time The Queen and I are done #editing a chapter, I copy and paste it into a large manuscript document. That is the one which will get printed and sent off to Beta Readers. The file now contains the first seven chapters of my fantasy novel, An Easterly Sojourn.

What’s the big deal about chapter 7? Why didn’t I write a post after chapter six or five?


Public Domain Image Courtesy of Pixabay


The current draft of An Easterly Sojourn has 28 chapters. Therefore, adding chapter 7 to the manuscript file means that we’re 25% complete. That is to say, if one goes by chapter count rather than words or pages. For me, the sweat beads are lessening. I bragged in a post a couple of weeks ago that this #fantasy novel will be published rather than should be published.

Doesn’t Endless Editing Get Tiresome?

Yes it does. However, there are some short stories to edit as well. The tedium level reduces when you jump between different types of work and I don’t feel stagnated or repetitive. I even switch between projects while #writing as well. Perhaps I’ll put the brakes on after chapter 10 and switch to one of the short singles waiting on the proverbial “back-burner.”

Do you switch between projects? Does working on a single project, whether writing or editing become tiresome after a while?



3 thoughts on “An Easterly Sojourn: Chapter 7 Added

  1. My procedures vary. Sometimes I work on more than one project (there are always more than one in my head) and at other times I primarily concentrate on one. Does working on one become tiresome? Occasionally, usually when on the fourth and fifth rounds, but not overly so. It is usually just me feeling tired. I should clarify by ‘projects’ I mean books. Naturally, no matter at what stage of the writing process I am at, there is the ongoing preparation of website/blog posts. For many I have to carry out research as well as ensure the formatting is correct; generally I try to publish a mixture of those that will hopefully help authors in all aspects of their profession as well as those for readers (reviews and interviews). Of course these also have to be edited but again I rarely get tired of doing so.


  2. Sometimes I think I revert to short stories because they can offer a quicker sense of accomplishment.
    I’ve noticed that your blog posts have a polished quality as if they were magazine articles. Mine tend to be anecdotal life / writing experiences. I’m not sure if I could put in that level of writing / editing into every post.
    Your efforts have been noticed and appreciated.


  3. I like to switch between projects, unless I’m running at full-speed on a novel in progress. Poetry, short stories, novel. When self-editing, I do a go through and then switch to writing poetry or reading for book club or catch up on my kindle TBR and perhaps write a review or two. 🙂


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