This Baby Boy Needs A Name

The anticipation of a new #baby brings many new trials and tribulations. Our latest conundrum is choosing a name. My wife and I have been over this issue many times. At one point, I proposed an idea. “How about putting a bunch of names up on the blog and see what others think?” To my surprise, she laughed and agreed.

In my family, we always name children after grandparents. My dad was Francis and my father-in-law was George. We’ve been kicking around different combinations, but I must admit feeling exhausted from the process.


Of course, there is always the Catholic tradition of selecting a name from a Saint’s feast day. If he’s born on St. Patrick’s Day then he gets to share his name with the Saint, and that Saint becomes his guardian.

Time is running out. There’s only about 7 – 8 weeks left before (baby boy name) emerges into this world.


Cast your vote from among these variations and a few others




2 thoughts on “This Baby Boy Needs A Name

  1. Choosing a name is very much a personal decision. Nevertheless, the one consideration that should always be born in mind is, the child is going to have to live with the name(s). This is especially relevant during school years.

    I have not clicked on an option above but from the information given Francis George OR the linguistic equivalent (which ever reflects your cultural and background society or the society the child will grow up in) appears to be most appropriate.

    Hope this helps.

    N.B. I empathise: For different reasons I had great difficulty in naming my son but did eventually find one that his father would accept without repercussions.


  2. Hi T.R. (sorry for the delay, but I’ve picked up a nasty bug).
    Francis and George were the grandfathers. Naturally, as anyone can tell by my last name, English and Italian factor in heavily.
    My wife and I have bounced these names and variants back and forth for a while. We will not use the poll for the final decision, it just helps to get some feedback.
    Thanks for your input.


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