Minnie the Cat

Last month I told you all about Phoenix, our eldest kitty. Well, now I’m going to tell you about Minnie our black & white tuxedo.

Although we call her Minnie, her real name is Minerva. As you may recall, our cats’ names reflect a Harry Potter theme. She is so named for Minerva McGonagall.

Minnie was a stray that I picked up in San Antonio. I was helping out a sergeant in my wife’s squadron paint his living room and kitchen. Every time I went out for a smoke, I spotted this scrawny starving kitty. She would approach me and meow for food. My friend didn’t own a cat so I gave her some dry dog food.


Later that week I purchased some #cat food on the way to paint. Minnie was pleased to get some real cat yummies. The next day I brought a carrier with me and put the food inside. I captured Minnie and brought her to a veterinary clinic near my home. She got a clean bill of health and has been with us ever since.

Minnie is very playful and follows me from room to room. She is extremely jealous of other cats and quite vociferous. If I should mention Phoenix or Luna, Minnie will come running over. She does not like me doling out affection to another cat.

Odd as it may seem, I’ve learned to discern what she wants. Her usual requests are for petting, playing, and opening the blinds. However, a study was done concerning how cat owners do understand their kitties when they speak.

Do you understand cat chat? Do your kitties have a jealous streak?



6 thoughts on “Minnie the Cat

  1. Hi Minnie – Tink here.
    Mom can’t have cats – she can’t breathe and her eyes get all red and watery — so she won’t know.

    She’s pretty good at figuring out what I want tho’ – treats, playtime, cuddles – sometimes food and fresh water (my face can get my water really dirty.) When it’s really-really late and she is still blogging, I sometimes whine until she takes both of us to bed.
    Woof! TINK


  2. oh yes, cats make sure you understand them. I have had incidents where cat jealousy rears its head. e.g. our boy cat Tommy had done something which had made me angry and hurt my ankle. Tig our girl cat and our oldest cat waited at the top of the stairs for him then stood on her hind legs and gave him a boxing. will forever remember that. Sadly both of them are no longer with us.


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