My New Stray Cat

We have a new addition to our household, Moogie. Most Star Trek fans, especially those who lean toward Deep Space Nine, will recognize the name as the mother of Quark and Rom. Moogie was a stray cat, but now we have given her a home. I’ll take the opportunity on this #caturday to tell you all about her.


The first time we saw Moogie, she was scratching at our back door. Although we knew she wanted a home, we were reluctant because of our newborn, Frankie. I searched the town’s Facebook page. Most people with lost and found pets post there, but I saw nothing about this cat. Then I took pictures of her, posted them, and received no response.

Talk About a Guilt Trip

Months ago, as I prepared the nursery for an impending visit from The Stork, I painted a portrait of St. Francis of Assisi, surrounded by animal silhouettes. I finished off St. Francis with a rabbit, a bird, and a cat. Two days later, there was Moogie.


I kept feeding her most days because some days she was nowhere to be found. Every time I’d walk into the nursery and see St. Francis with the cat, my guilt trip got worse. After a few months of failing to find a home for her, my wife and I decided to keep her. After all, we were already feeding her.

Off to the Vet

The first problem was our cat carriers. They were too small for this rather large kitty. I purchased a carrier for a small dog and Moogie fit without a problem. I took her to the vet and he checked her out for feline leukemia and other communicable diseases. Because her long hair was matted, they gave her a bath and shaved her.

How Did the Other Cats Behave? Is the Fur Flying?

So far, only Phoenix and Luna have accepted Moogie. Despite the initial hissing contests, the cats eat together and have even tried to play with Moogie. Minnie, on the other hand, is reacting differently. She can be a very jealous cat. Minnie follows me around from room to room, always has to jump on my lap, or get into anything that has my attention.


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And Now?

Moogie and the other cats have settled into a routine. Our four-feline brood eats and plays nicely together. The transition has been smoother than expected. It is possible that the other cats were already accustomed to her because of her extended stay under our deck.

Got a stray cat story to tell? Or just a good one about your domestic kitty?

Every Time You Reply – Little Frankie Doesn’t Cry


9 thoughts on “My New Stray Cat

  1. We were always taking in stray cats until we found them forever homes. Once we took in a cat that will forever be known as “Trucker”. We thought he was the missing cat of our neighbors but they weren’t home. So we fed him and locked him in our bedroom with access to food, water, and a litter box, while we went to dinner with friends. When we came home and opened the door, the smell hit us like a brick to the face!!! We gagged our way up stairs and found that this stray cat had taken the biggest, nasties, greasiest, crap right in the middle of our bed!!!! IN BETWEEN THE SHEETS ( the bed had been made when we left)!!!!! So I’m bawling my eyes out, shampooing our mattress in the middle of the night, Scott threw the sheets away, and we slept on the couch.
    Turns our Trucker was NOT our neighbors’ missing cat so first thing Monday morning his ass went to the ASPCA. The neighbors pitched in for the drop-off donation. We bought a new mattress that afternoon.

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  2. All four of the kitties currently residing with me were strays which my kids rescued and brought home, knowing very well that their soft-hearted old mother would never tell them that they couldn’t keep them. The kids are all grown up and moved out now, but the grandcats remain.


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