Progress Report

The covers (ebook and print versions) for my upcoming fantasy novel are complete. I’m still addressing the concerns of some beta readers. The slow process of reading the manuscript out loud has also begun.  Actually, more than a beginning; we’ve completed the first sixteen chapters. I’m not ready to reveal the cover or title. But allow me to simply divulge this tidbit…SoDL: Tales of Tyrennia, Book One.


Never Trust an Author with a Clean Desk 🙂

I heartily recommend reading your manuscript out loud with a partner. I’m almost stunned at the quality of the end product. Every craft book, or self-help blog post I’ve read have proven their weight in gold. The stream-lined manuscript comes in at three-hundred-twenty-three pages. My formatter says that it will equal more in print, around twenty pages extra.

The first drafts for books two (M&M: Tales of Tyrennia, Book Two) and three (TFW: Tales of Tyrennia, Book Three) are done as well. These drafts are somewhat raw, but I’ve been through the first five chapters of book two and feel it’s ready for another set of eyes.

I guess that’s what happens when one advances their wordsmithing craft. I’m ready for beta readers after three drafts rather than ten or twelve.

Now it’s your turn to give me your progress report. Tell me about your Work-In-Progress.

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4 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Yes. I read everything out loud, from my emails to my blog posts, my genealogy column to my 160,000-word fantasy novel. It is the best editing advice I’ve ever received.

    As for progress, I am currently writing book 2 in series 2, reading book 2 of series 1 out loud and letting book 3 of series 1 and book 1 of series 2 ripen in the window. Once book 2 of series 1 is done, then book 1 of series 2 will be edited and released.

    Congratulations on moving forward with your book. I know it’s a labour of love. And you’re right, the more you work at this, the better we become. It took me 27 years and multiple rewrites and revisions to write the first book in my fantasy series. Much less time to do the second, and only 55 days to write the third, but it still needs a few months of editing.

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  2. Good to hear how well you are progressing. Look forward to seeing finished product. Impressed also by the fact you have the next two in the series underway. Considering all your family distractions it really is an achievement. Well done.


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