Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks: Released Jan. 20th, 1975

What can I say? This pick is one of my favorite albums from anyone at any time. Even my ultimate Dylan lyric quote comes from “Tangled Up in Blue,” the first track on this album.

Upon it’s release, “Blood on the Tracks” received some incredibly mixed reviews (ugh critics). Now, in retrospect, even the meanest critics of this album have since reversed themselves. But this is not the only controversy. Many have examined the lyrics and subject matter and have concluded that this album is autobiographical. Even Dylan’s son has commented that this is his parents having a dialog. However, when asked, Dylan has clearly denied anything personal within this album.

Does it matter?

No! Just sit back and enjoy some incredible songs from the ultimate American bard, Bob Dylan. If anyone ever doubts Dylan’s storytelling ability, point them in the direction of “Blood on the Tracks.”

Well did you listen to any songs?

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