Looking Back at 2022 and Ahead to 2023

As far as my writing and blogging are concerned, 2022 was a disaster. I tried to get my blog rolling again with some posts about classic rock albums on the anniversary of their releases. However, once the news came about orders back to the U.S., everything changed. We knew in May that the orders were coming soon. Let the hectic pandemonium begin.

For some perspective, the orders came in June, we arrived in the U.S. on July 22nd,

our cats arrived on November 9th

The United States Air Force has moved us many times, and I must say, this one was poorly executed. Not only in terms of timing, but damaged and lost goods. Phew, it’s all over now. Although I could not partake in NaNoWriMo in 2022 due to the complexities of setting up a new household. I did manage to contact other local authors. Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things in the coming year. But I’m not going to set some unrealistic goals.

The Holidays have come and gone quite smoothly. Although there are many projects for me to tackle around the house, I can say with some conviction, that life has settled back into normalcy.

As for 2023, let the chips fall where they may. I will have the time to write, edit and blog, but the question is how much time will I have?

What are your writing/reading/traveling/life plans for 2023?

The Beatles: Yellow Submarine Released Jan. 13th, 1969

Wiki Commons Image

As album releases go, many rank this one as the weakest offering from The Beatles. However, what is important to note, the reason for this rating is usually the same. It’s only half of an album. Side one is comprised of Beatle songs and side two is classical music by George Martin.

In defense, The Beatles had almost no input on the film ‘Yellow Submarine’ (1968) and the latter soundtrack. They merely fulfilled a contractual obligation for four new songs for the movie. By the time the film was released, they had already embarked on their next studio project “The White Album” (not an official title but dubbed with that name by fans).

In 1999 there was a 30th Anniversary Soundtrack which featured all the Beatle’s music used in the movie. Yes, a much better version. Why wasn’t that done from the beginning?

What about the four new songs?

‘Hey Bulldog’ has John Lennon on lead vocals. A blues-based rocking ditty which seems to signal The Beatles moving away from the psychedelic era and into a blues-based rock, as evidenced by The White Album.

‘Only a Northern Song’ features George Harrison on lead vocals. A verry psychedelic track indeed that fits in well with the film. This one could have been added to the Sgt. Pepper or Revolver albums.

‘All Together Now’ is a Paul McCartney top 40 type ditty. This was the song used for the end credits of Yellow Submarine and featured a short cameo appearance by The Beatles.

‘It’s All Too Much’ has George Harrison on lead again. This is quite a ‘heavy’ track which (to me at least) signals the first rumbling of The Beatles inventing Heavy Metal. Let me explain, this song has one foot in psychedelic mode and the other one in Heavy Metal. There is distinct distortion sprinkled throughout this track.

Don’t be a music hating Blue Meanie – Take a moment and listen