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Pressure Points : Six Mind-Numbing Tales (Working Title)

  1. Stasis 2nd Ed.
  2. A Pound of Flesh
  3. Epiphany of the Rat
  4. Hope and Prey
  5. An Internet Troll
  6. The Mystical Body


“The subtle undercurrents and surprise endings of Ragged Souls give readers a healthy dose of the surreal, along with a glimpse of the tantalizing world beyond human senses. Its cold-blooded murderers, spirits made flesh, and characters teetering on the edge of reality are sure to entertain – and to haunt your dreams at night. ”

If you’ve spent any time at all around my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed Ragged Souls in the sidebar.  I’m proud to say that it’s making sales, and has earned a wonderful review on Goodreads.  If you’re at all curious about this or one of my other stories, below are short descriptions and excerpts from everything that’s currently published. Please read and enjoy, and if I’ve managed to entice you, the links for purchase are all on the sidebar.  Thank you for taking the time to check them out!


From the Ragged Souls collection:

“If writing a good short story takes an artist, than Ernesto San Giacomo has spent some time perfecting his brush strokes.” – Amazon Reviewer


***Click the Cover and go Straight to #Amazon***


A Purveyor of Odd Things

“This one alone is worth the purchase price. I can see it as a movie someday.” – Amazon Reviewer

Meet Detective Renner Branson, a man so enslaved to his work that he’s forgotten how to live. In his newest baffling case, he will discover secrets – not just about the world, but about himself. The terrors lurking within may shatter his grip on reality.  Or they may show him just how beautiful reality can be.


Branson squeezed his eyes shut. His sense of real and unreal, of possible and impossible, was shredded by these apparitions. He wanted so badly to run, run anywhere, to the car, to the gate, anything to get away from this insanity. But he wouldn’t – couldn’t – leave Hannah. Through his panic he became aware of her clammy hand clutching his, and though he tugged on it, she seemed unable to move. Paralyzed by that cold stare. Fight or flight…or freeze.

Free extended excerpt at Wattpad.


Martha’s Kitchen

Martha and Jillian, two sisters from a dying town, cope with the hollowness of city life in a bloodcurdling way. Come explore this bizarre case of nostalgia gone horribly awry, but beware the secret recipe at Martha’s Kitchen!


“His pants and suspenders are still on. I hope he didn’t soil himself,” Martha said.

“No, I heard the toilet flush.”

“It figures,” Martha said. “Mr. Jenkins always was a proper gentleman.”

Free extended excerpt at Wattpad.


Cactus Valley

One New York couple’s vacation turns into a horrific nightmare. Ancient forces of good and evil do battle to win their souls – but which will be victorious?


In a tense voice, Andrea said, “There’s still enough gas for thirty miles. Turn around.”

“We’ll never make it back that far. See if there’s another one ahead.”

Andrea studied the road atlas. “Okay. Get off at the next exit and make a right. There’s a service station about fifteen miles away.”

Free extended excerpt at Wattpad.


Short Story Singles:

Night Flights

“A really surprise ending that is comparable to any script written for the Twilight Zone.” – Amazon Reviewer

Strange terrifying images plague the mind of Peter the artist. Are they memories? Nightmares? Visions of the future? What is spawning them, and how is his wife experiencing the same delusions?


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Free extended excerpt on Wattpad


In this FREE release, explore the mind of a man in the grip of an obsession so intense that reality has faded from his consciousness. His fixation on Gematria leads him to a terrifying place where memories and thoughts become his only tools in the search for truth.


He finished his measurements and sank into a corner, rocking back and forth with no concern for his head slamming into the wall. “That’s why it was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the speech of all the world. Genesis chapter eleven verse eight. They babbled at Babel. I can quote Biblical passages word for word.” Word for word? His voice dropped to a reverent whisper. “Yeah, that’s the way. Find the value of words for word.”


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Kurt Williams has spent the last twenty years as a #Libertarian refugee from a collapsing society. On his return to civilization, what he finds is nothing short of devastating. In an America where big government has run amok and nearly everything is outlawed, will his defiance and courage be enough to restore sanity?


Kurt curled a lip and asked the man, “You call that food?”

Fetor cut in. “Government-issued fruit and vegetable patriot meals. One tube of each per day for everyone.” He stood straight up on his knees, put his right hand over his heart, and proclaimed, “Our daily bread.”

Kurt had never wanted so badly to kick something. Leave it to the liberal fascists to call fruit and vegetable paste “bread,” and then say it often enough to make others believe it.


***Click the cover and go to Amazon***

Free extended excerpt at Wattpad.




17 thoughts on “Published Works

  1. Hey Ernesto,

    Sometimes I think of Republicans and their stance against health care reforms as one of the stases. I also liked this story coming from an American, because most Americans see themselves as the epitome of freedom, although most cannot afford health services or higher education (thanks to being the developed country with the highest income inequality), so you are as free as your circumstances let you.
    Make sure the NSA does not get a hold of this story or they might try to implement some ideas in there 😉


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