Cover Idea for “Night Flights”

Mimicking the style of certain movie posters for a book or short story cover can be an entertaining challenge. Of course I’m not talking about copying, but rather imitating a style. If you were to look at the posters for these films ( Barry Lyndon, Anatomy of a Murder ) you’ll see what I am talking about. Many other films have used this type of cut-out cartoon, and I’d like to try it out for my new short story single called “Night Flights.”

I distinctly remember this type of artwork used in movies from years ago, but when I went searching for them, they were updated. For example, the cover for “The Longest Day” went from the cutout style to a new version that oddly resembles “Saving Private Ryan.” So much for nostalgia. There are other reasons why I want this cover to look like something the 1950’s or early 1960’s, but then I’d be spoiling part of the story.

Here’s a “first-draft” of the cover.



I made this image using Adobe Photoshop, but I’d like to make a better version on a tablet with a new drawing program, or on power point. If someone were to zoom in or if they look at it on a large tablet, it would pixelate. Also, Power Point and other drawing programs have more font options.

Does this cover design get a “thumbs up” from you?


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