Cover Reveal: Ragged Souls

I’ve been doing a lot of market research lately, and found that it’s better to publish short stories in small collections of three to five than as singles. With that in mind, I’ve decided to re-release “A Purveyor of Odd Things”, “Martha’s Kitchen”, and my new short “Cactus Valley” together (Read Extended Excerpts Here).

Ragged SoulsBlog

The themes running through all of them are the battle between good and evil, with a touch of the paranormal.  This collection will be available for $.99 in all formats as of March 23rd, 2014. Look for it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo!

We’ve put in long hours on this cover. What do you think of it?

Martha’s Kitchen Published!

Announcing the release of my new short story, Martha’s Kitchen, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  If you love a good dose of dark humor, this is definitely for you.

The description:  Martha and Jillian, two sisters from a dying town, cope with the hollowness of city life in a bloodcurdling way. Come explore this bizarre case of nostalgia gone horribly awry, but beware the secret recipe at Martha’s Kitchen!

This is my first published work, selling at only $0.99, so if you can, please purchase a copy and let me know what you think (and let your friends know too).  No spoilers please!

Also coming soon on Kindle and Nook is Stasis, a Libertarian-themed short story about the horrors of big government. Evil flourishes when good people stay quiet.

Thanks everyone!

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