Today Is Not Your Birthday? Here’s a Present Anyway

After a partial revamp of my social media (this blog included). I’ve decided to create a page for Free Short Stories. Now I’ve always been against giving things away. I’ve seen too many Tweets concerning free novels, and I’m still against that practice. I will not chastise anyone or get in their face about it. I mean, they wrote a novel and it’s their property. Therefore, it’s theirs to give away.


Birthday Cake by Theresa Thompson Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for quite some time now. The thought of giving it away for free wounds me. However, the occasional short story is a bit different. Most of them are only 8-12 pages, and while I do work hard to rigorously refine them, they do not represent the same blood, sweat, and tears, that go into a novel.

When it comes to freebies, I sort of “get it” from a marketing standpoint. Maybe if I had a series of five novels, I may be prompted to do a free give-a-way of the first one for a week or so.

This leads me to the point of this post and your “non-birthday” present, namely, the new page tab for offering Free Short Stories. After all, it can’t hurt, and it may pose as a good platform to introduce you to my “wordsmithing” abilities. You may love them, hate them, or feel ho-hum. But they’re out there waiting for you.

Enjoy the first one called Gematria², and leave a comment. I am truly interested in your opinion.

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