Luna the Krazy Kitty

The youngest feline addition to our household is Luna. As you may remember, my wife maintains a Harry Potter theme for our cats. Phoenix is the eldest, Minerva is second, and then comes Luna.


Luna gets caught climbing on the baker’s rack

Luna is a rather rambunctious kitty. She’ll find any object that isn’t nailed down and turn it into a toy. Despite the amount of cat toys in the house, Luna loves to play with pens and pistachio nuts. Every time I move the couch to clean I find many stray objects.  

Small insects do not stand a chance against Luna, the kitty with the heart of a lion. The unwary tend to make their way through the back door frame only to run smack into Luna. Always vigilant, she tends to linger by the rear glass door to watch for birds and stray cats.

Of all three cats, Minerva is the most affectionate. Luna relishes play time with her humans, but only accepts affection on her own terms. She’ll approach and place her paws on my leg. That’s her signal that she wants to be either petted or rubbed.

Luna is quite the clever kitty. Sometimes she takes a chunk of dry cat food and dips it into the water dish to soften it up, but I don’t know why. She does eat both wet and dry cat food.

With the arrival of Little Frankie, we’ve had our share of cardboard boxes. Luna is adept at turning any box into a fort which she likes to defend from Minerva. At times, she’ll use a box as a hunting blind and make stealth attacks.


In the beginning, Luna occupied to low rung of the totem pole as they say. However, she is asserting herself with the others. For example, a few months ago we purchased a deluxe four tier cat tree. Immediately, Luna claimed the top perch, and the other cats seem to have accepted her claim.

How are you kitties doing? Have you ever brought a kitten into a home where other older cats ruled?

Every Time You Reply Little Frankie Doesn’t Cry



Minnie the Cat

Last month I told you all about Phoenix, our eldest kitty. Well, now I’m going to tell you about Minnie our black & white tuxedo.

Although we call her Minnie, her real name is Minerva. As you may recall, our cats’ names reflect a Harry Potter theme. She is so named for Minerva McGonagall.

Minnie was a stray that I picked up in San Antonio. I was helping out a sergeant in my wife’s squadron paint his living room and kitchen. Every time I went out for a smoke, I spotted this scrawny starving kitty. She would approach me and meow for food. My friend didn’t own a cat so I gave her some dry dog food.


Later that week I purchased some #cat food on the way to paint. Minnie was pleased to get some real cat yummies. The next day I brought a carrier with me and put the food inside. I captured Minnie and brought her to a veterinary clinic near my home. She got a clean bill of health and has been with us ever since.

Minnie is very playful and follows me from room to room. She is extremely jealous of other cats and quite vociferous. If I should mention Phoenix or Luna, Minnie will come running over. She does not like me doling out affection to another cat.

Odd as it may seem, I’ve learned to discern what she wants. Her usual requests are for petting, playing, and opening the blinds. However, a study was done concerning how cat owners do understand their kitties when they speak.

Do you understand cat chat? Do your kitties have a jealous streak?



A New Kitten for a New Year

My wife took pity on this kitten she saw on our hometown’s Facebook page. For days she worked her way up to the big moment of acceptance with statements like, “I checked the page and nobody responded. We can’t allow that kitten to go to a shelter.”

This pattern repeated several times per day over the weekend. Then the moment of truth arrived, a supreme display of the dynamics of the female synapses. She said, “What do you think, honey? Should we take her?”

As if I had any say in the matter, but her premade decision was now justified because she had deigned to ask me, the Lord of the Manor (all right, stop laughing at me). Of course she asked after days of doom and gloom comments, knowing that I would never offer any opinion to the contrary in order to keep my genitals in full working order. Yes ladies, a man will say and do anything to keep his “package” intact and free from sudden attacks from his enraged femalien-geneto-mate.


The new kitten is snug as a bug in a proverbial rug. Now the problem is to get our other two cats to accept her. We’ve been advised by the vet to keep the new kitty in a separate room for a few days until the others start to get accustomed to her scent and presence. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, because it hasn’t started out well.

There has been much activity by our two fuzzy daughters. They walk up to the door and stare at it for a while. If they see any sign of the new kitty, then they let out a hiss reminiscent of the hive queen from Aliens. I’m beginning to feel helpless. How can I explain to our cats that they have a new sister, when neither of them can speak or understand English? Hopefully someday, Minerva, Phoenix, and Luna will learn to get along (are you noticing the Harry Potter theme for feline names?).

Time for lots of pets, cuddles, and toys (Minnie loves the laser pointer) for emotional reassurance. Then the wife comes home and it’s time for lots of strokes, cuddles, and foot massages for emotional reassurance. Is there no escape?

Any tips on introducing a new cat into the household? O.k., then how about a few prayers? 🙂


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