The Dark Side of The Big Bang Theory

My wife has become a #BigBangTheory addict. Therefore, I’ve been forced to suffer alongside for the sake of some couch cuddle time.

While I must admit the show has its humorous moments, I’ve also noticed a somewhat dark side to things. Some of the humor involves one or more members of the group getting a type of sick enjoyment from the suffering of another. For example, when Howard made Sheldon performs all sorts of meaningless and embarrassing tasks in order to meet Dr. Hawking. Of course we share along in enjoyment at that suffering. We laugh at their backstories about bullying and wedgies.


Photo by Melody Sandoval and used under CC License

To counteract this love of suffering, there is also a genuine lack of joy for the happiness of others. Even during Howard and Bernadette’s wedding, Sheldon still uses Klingon. Amy tries to pull the group together and says that the day is for “Howard, Bernadette, and me,” because she desperately wants to wear a bridesmaid dress and a tiara.

Then there are the personalities. Is there anything more insufferable than Sheldon with his roommate and relationship agreements? After watching some episodes, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like Sheldon at all. As if his put-downs and legal bullying weren’t enough. He feels that he is always right and bullies others into submission. I had this opinion of him, when at long last he actually said it in an episode. Even when his own legal agreement swims back to bite him, he gets his way.

Penny has slept around a lot, was a bully in high school, and to some extent uses four nerdy guys to get free food and wifi.

Rajesh is afraid to talk to women and the friends do nothing to help him get over it. We had to get weepy over his loneliness for seven seasons, before he gets a creepy girlfriend. His sexual orientation is also in question, due to his love of beauty products. He manipulates his parents for extra money.

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Howard and Leonard seem normal, but Leonard and Howard are still complete sci-fi geek nerds. Oh, and let’s not forget that Howard is a momma’s boy, despite going to the International Space Station as a payload specialist. Leonard may seem normal as well. His reactions to the eccentricities of other characters give the impression of normalcy. But then he can ignore his girlfriend over a video game and go crazy over a vintage Star Trek toy or comic book.

And then there’s the fact that if you watch the Big Bang Theory, you may believe that there are no Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or African American scientists in the U.S. Also, Italians are only good for making pizza and cutting hair.


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Have you noticed the dark nature of the humor in Big Bang? Or do you politely agree to disagree with me?