Led Zeppelin I : Released January 12, 1969

Fifty-three years ago, Led Zeppelin exploded on to the music scene. Yes, I said ‘exploded.’ Funny how I always think about that whenever I look at that first album cover. Of course, the music is quite explosive as well. Later albums were more polished productions and the songwriting somewhat more sophisticated. However, this first gem captures much of their initial energy and their unique sound that captured the attention of rock n’ rollers worldwide and earned their subsequent adulation for decades.

I am a dedicated ‘classic rocker’ and cannot stress harder the necessity to have Led Zeppelin I in your collection. I have it on CD and vinyl (Ooops! Showing my age). Sadly, my vinyl copy (which is framed) is currently in storage.

So, what makes this album special?

I mentioned a unique sound before. Led Zeppelin took Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and strung them together seamlessly with threads from the Blues. At times, the three different elements are jockeying for position with one of them becoming the dominant element within a song.

The energy is still fresh after all these years. Thanks to songs that are chock full of stinging chords and riffs, and yet, one’s ears do not feel ‘bloated’ from the experience. The self-titled Led Zeppelin (I) must be ranked as one of the most important debut albums of all time.

Want to Listen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1rJohGD9LA


Good Times Bad Times

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

You Shook Me

Dazed and Confused

Your Time is Gonna Come

Black Mountain Side

Communication Breakdown

I Can’t Quit You Baby

How Many More Times

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