What is the Secret to a Great Thanksgiving?

Is it Grandma’s stuffing recipe? Or is it the size of your turkey? Neither. The real secret to a great Thanksgiving is actually taking the time to give thanks.

So maybe you don’t own a sleek European sports car…well neither do I. Maybe you don’t have a mansion…well neither do I. Remember it’s about giving thanks. It’s not about ruing over what you don’t have or what you’d like.

I have a loving wife, two adorable cats, a nice warm roof over my head, cars, and plenty of food. I shouldn’t complain.


Photo: The TURKEY! by Cheryl used under CC License

Here’s how I came to my revelation.

My wife can’t cook. Thanksgiving Day is the only day that she’ll rattle a few pots and pans. So my Thanksgiving Day dinner will be a boneless turkey breast, a box of stove top stuffing, a jar of turkey gravy, a box of instant mash potatoes, a can of cranberry sauce, and that green bean casserole.

When I was growing up, everything was made from scratch. My mom used to buy a bag of cranberries and some plain gelatin and would make her own cranberry sauce. The same painstaking effort was put into every item on the table. She used to cook and break up some country sausage and bread for the stuffing. I think you’re getting the idea.

Yet, I’m thankful for what I have, and for the loving wife that I get to spend the day with.

Also, I don’t know about Protestant denominations, but I do know, that my Catholic parish will celebrate Mass for Thanksgiving Day, and I’ll be there. It is not a standard daily Mass either. The Mass for that day is specifically titled for Thanksgiving Day. That’s one way of giving thanks.

Another secret to a great Thanksgiving Day is to do something for others.

We’ll be feeding about 10 airmen from Mtn. Home AFB. They’re alone, no family nearby and therefore, no place to go to celebrate the day.

So how do you plan on giving thanks?