Although we are still six months away before the stork delivers our little bundle of joy…

Let the multitasking begin!


Now here’s one you’ve probably never heard before. Ready? Making beef stew, staining wood, finished up a laminate floor installation, and putting together furniture all at the same time. Yep it’s true.

The second after I placed the beef stew in the oven, I went to the garage to stain some quarter-round trim. After I was done with the stain, I was off to the entry hall to install the T-bar that separates the laminate floor from the rug. Then put together the new but small entertainment center for the stereo.

The staining, T-bar, and furniture took about two hours. Now it’s time to eat the beef stew. My wife / editor-in-chief / Queen, loved the succulent juices, tender meat, and veggies. I think the buttered noodles helped as well. Of course she went back to the couch and watched House episodes on Netflix.

Important Question: If a pregnant woman burps, does that mean the baby farted?


After dinner, I fetched the quarter-round wood from the garage and installed it around the perimeter of the new laminate floor. Yep, it looks great. I even found a new home for my guitars and album covers. Next I’m going to move the computer desks into the space, which will create a new writing zone for me.

Tell me about your parental multitasking nightmare?