The Stork Strikes Again

I’ve put this newsflash out on Facebook and Twitter, but I leave it here to make it complete. Ruth is pregnant again. Who doesn’t love baby announcements?


We’ve only seen a lab tech / nurse to confirm, so we do not have any other details. Is our new baby a boy? a girl? twins? How many weeks pregnant is my wife?

Stay posted for baby news / stork updates and maybe some ultrasound pix.

Ding Dong! Stork Calling

I truly am at a loss for words (isn’t that an incredible opening for a blog post) J

After my wife experienced a week of bouts with lingering nausea, I became suspicious. I asked her “Is it possible that you’re pregnant?” We quickly went to the pharmacy and picked up one of those home pregnancy test kits. She emerged from the bathroom and said, “It says I’m pregnant.”

We went over the instructions and decided to try again on Sunday morning. Same result. We were convinced, but knew not to say anything until a clinic confirmed the result with their test.

I paced all Monday morning waiting for the results.

Now, we know of the inevitable “Stork Visitation.” A barrage of phone calls and Facebook posts ensued.


Which leaves only one more burning question; twins?

My mother-in-law is a twin and therefore the chances are pretty good that we’ll experience the same. Of course we will not know until further blood tests and sonograms are done.

It’s time to gather a stock pile of cow and pudgy maternity jokes. My wife has pleaded for me to put the proverbial “cork in it” i.e. refrain from such humorous witticisms. I’ve explained that it is impossible for a man of my vocabulary and comedic talent to resist such an opportunity. And let’s not forget those corn-ball dad jokes.

Our plans for the house have just drastically changed. It is time to roll up my sleeves and get to work on those renovations. Our planned guest room will now become the nursery, and our office will become the guest room. Which means that our computers will be shifted to the entry hall.

Got any good pregnancy stories concerning your brood?