You Know You’re In a Small Town When…

you walk into a store and walk out without paying.

I’m not talking about shoplifting or any other criminal activity.


Here’s the story

My wife was working late and needed to pick up a plaque for a departing airman in her squadron. She didn’t think that she could get to the engraver’s shop before he closed, but she needed it for the next day. That’s when she called me and asked me to run over there and pick up the engraved wooden plaque.

Things like this go along with being married to the Air Force.

I had to go to the supermarket anyway, so I stopped into the shop to pick it up. When I took out my debit card, the owner said, “I don’t take cards, but I know she needs this for tomorrow. Just take it and come by with cash when you can.”

Color me dumbfounded. This man had never seen me before in my life, and yet he’s telling me to take the merchandise and pay him later.

I took the plaque, went to the supermarket and asked for cash back. I immediately returned to the store and paid the man. on Saturday, the plaque was presented to the departing sergeant on time.

I was born and raised in NYC. Things like this just don’t happen there.

Got any small town anecdotes that big city folk just wouldn’t understand?


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