“Spotlight” Bares Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

I’ve stated before that Big-Lie-Anti-Catholicism is America’s favorite sport, and last night’s Oscars just proved me right once again. I refuse to see Spotlight, but I have read enough about it, including interviews with the creators of this waste of celluloid to understand its point of view.

Although it would take a book rather than a blog post to discuss the Catholic sex abuse scandal, I’ll give you an outline.

-These events mostly occurred during the sexual revolution. They peaked in the 1970’s and have dropped off significantly since then.

– The American Psychology Association (A.P.A.) claimed that child molestation a curable disease.

– There was a general lack of concern / belief in the secular world that this was a widespread problem.

– You will find a lack of convictions in Public Courts during those years.

– The Catholic Bishops relied upon the A.P.A. for advice. They were looking into it themselves. They were not poked or prodded by authorities.

– There was no universal “playbook” out there on how to handle such a thing. Like anyone else, Bishops are just human beings and products of their times. They looked to the secular world for a “game-plan.” They only did what everyone else was doing.

– No other organization on Earth has done more to protect children and clean its own house than The Catholic Church.

Here’s the problem with Spotlight

The basic premise of Spotlight is that Catholic celibacy is to blame, in other words Catholicism itself. But don’t take offense, Spotlight is not Anti-Catholic (I say sarcastically). This attack on celibacy was also the basis of a crude Anti-Catholic British documentary. This documentary (sorry, I’ve seen it, but can’t recall its name) was made before the surfacing of the abuse scandals that have rocked and continue to rock the Anglican Church.

Of course Spotlight does not mention that incidents of sexual misconduct among Priests has a 4% rate of pedophilia, i.e., percentages that are no greater than other institutions / professions. But don’t take offense, Spotlight is not Anti-Catholic.

So for those of you (and the creators of Spotlight) who feel it’s only a Catholic thing, here’s…

A New York Times article concerning the problem among NY’s Jewish Community.

Two from the U.K. and the Anglican Church 1) Easy Forgiveness and 2) Church Cover-Up

On Child Abuse in Evangelical Churches .

The Mormons in the LDS and FLDS Churches

And for those of you who believe it only exists within religious organizations…

The Obama administration is actively telling the U.S. Army to ignore the problem and the story of one “whistle-blower.”

Also, connected to the Obama administration and looking for one of her own, Hillary Clinton’s defense of child molesters.

A Gay Rights activist who doubles as a huge fundraiser for Pres. Obama was caught as well.

Here’s two about how child abuse is rampant and socially institutionalized within the Muslim World.

And let’s not forget Hollywood Themselves

Here’s an article about An Open Secret, a documentary about the child abuse going on openly in Hollywood.

On another important note, remember that film director named Roman Polanski? He’s not allowed back into the U.S. on child abuse charges. Yet, Hollywood gave him a best director’s Oscar in 2003 in absentia. Just look at the reaction of the crowd. Standing in solidarity to bring home one of their own.

Now why would Spotlight take the position that it’s a Catholic problem caused by its policy of celibacy? During his acceptance speech, producer Michael Sugar said, “…a voice which we wish will become a choir that will resonate all the way to the Vatican.”

Of course that’s just fine with Hollywood. As long as the voice of victims doesn’t become a choir that resonates within their own offices, other religions, or the Muslim world.

Hmmm sounds like Big-Lie Anti-Catholic-Bigotry to me.

The Overwhelming Statistics

Unfortunately nothing is going to happen because the form that sexual abuse most often takes is homosexual. Uh oh can’t go there…it’s politically incorrect. The Church discovered early on that candidates for seminary were not being properly vetted. Too many homosexuals were being admitted into their ranks. Later many of these same Priests became the abusers. However, Catholic Bashing is politically correct and you will get praise and applause for your so-called “enlightened” stance from your “tolerant” liberal comrades.

Therefore, it’s better to publically label them as Catholics and Priests rather than apply the tag homosexual. Remember, one of Obama’s fund raisers caught in the act was a Gay Rights activist. Also the organization trying to legalize sex with minors is called The North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

Does that sound hetero to you?

COC, the Dutch Gay Rights group has managed to lower the legal age of consent in Holland. It is 12 for Homosexuals with parental consent and 15 without consent.

How about a voice that becomes a choir which resonates all the way to the Gay Rights brain-trust activists?

Time for a name change

In light of all these facts wouldn’t be more truthful and appropriate for Hollywood to change that sign to Wholly-Weird? Let’s face another fact. The accolades placed on Spotlight proves that Wholly-Weird is dominated and takes direction from their Liberal-Fascist-Politically-Correct masters. But don’t take offense, Spotlight is not an Anti-Catholic film.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Is Spotlight an Anti-Catholic Film?