Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In our modern secularist society, most people can talk about the latest reality TV celebrities, sports stars, or the latest box office juggernaut. Yes, they even wear green and party on St. Patrick’s Day. However, most will not be able to recant as to why the day is celebrated, or why St. Patrick is a Saint.


St. Patrick Icon by Ted used under CC License

Also, for those who think that St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to get falling down drunk, please remember that the day is celebrated because it will be St. Patrick who gets to judge the Irish on Judgment Day, and he is the Patron Saint of Ireland.

He was born in Scotland to Roman parents, which means that St. Patrick was Italian (shhh). He was captured by marauders and sold into slavery when he was sixteen. Later, he escaped, studied, and became a Priest by the hand of St. Germain.

Pope St. Celestine I sent him back to Ireland in order to spread the Gospel. At first, many of the Irish chieftains and druid priests tried to kill him, but the encounters were miraculous enough to convert many. Through his miracles and quiet piety, St. Patrick converted all of Ireland out of the darkness of paganism.

Uncomfortable facts seem to upset many modern secularists who falsely believe and proudly proclaim that Christianity was spread by the sword. Catholic History is replete with stories of mass conversions on account of Saints and/or miracles. The story of St. Patrick but one of those tales, it is a great story of how the grace of God working through one man converted an entire nation.

Try to make it to a Daily Mass today.

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