Some Holy Water Please (Part I)

Lately things just don’t seem to be going as planned. Every time that I try to do something around the house, it turns into a four-hour fiasco. I know that everyone has one of “those days,” but I seem to be having one of “those months.”


Holy Water Font by Jim, The Photograpgher used under CC License

Just to recap a few things here are some interesting facts. I need to paint some trim around the garage and some windows. A trip to Home Depot and I had everything I needed, namely paint and caulk. I made this trip on Friday, planning to paint on Monday morning. I’d left the paint in the truck.

So on Saturday, on my way to my critique group, I went to buy some smokes and a coffee. I wanted to throw away a few things and when I opened the back of my truck, a gallon of paint came crashing down and popped open. Splat. I wonder if this would’ve happened if I had purchased the cheap stuff instead of the most expensive exterior paint on the market.

Monday morning was burned up going to Home Depot for more paint. Yes, I can only paint in the morning because once that sun starts pounding…well, fuhgeddabowdit.

This is but one episode mind you. Have you ever had the feeling that you need to dunk yourself into a vat of Holy Water?

If Authors Were Contractors

It’s no secret. Most of you who follow my blog know I’m getting ready for a move to #Idaho in July. It’s more than just packing up some stuff and moving. I have to get my house ready for tenants. I’ve never been a landlord before and the chores tend to pile up.


Yes I built it!

There are many things that I know how to do, but still have to rely on contractors because of insurance. It killed me to pay an electrician to do things that I can do. Then there was the fence on the side of the house. I haven’t the foggiest idea about how to install a fence. A call to a local contractor went something like this…

Me: “It’s just a gate and two 3 ½ foot sections of fence on either side.”

Contractor: “A job that small would run about $350.00.”

I start to smile over the low price…for once something isn’t approaching the $1,000 mark.

Contractor: “But a job that small isn’t worth it for us. So we’ll have to charge you $700.00.”

Me: “Thanks for your time good-bye.”

Imagine if I could get away with something like that? I know it’s only a short story, but it had to be written, edited, beta read, and formatted as an ebook. Therefore, for going through all that trouble I’m going to have to price it like a novel.

How long would any #IndieAuthor last with that attitude?

My Last Newspaper

I was on my way to work one morning and as I passed by a newsstand I saw the huge, bold headline: Catholic Priest Sex Scandal. The priest’s picture was plastered across the entire front page.  He was a very popular priest and well known, since some newspapers had done human interest stories about him prior to that headline. Perhaps that was the reason for the press’s extra viciousness concerning this incident.


St. Nicolas Roman Catholic Cathedral by Jennifer Boyer used under CC License

A few weeks later I purchased a copy of the paper, wanting to see the box score from a Yankee game. As I flipped through the pages and scanned the headlines I saw something very disturbing on page 17.

In a small article, nestled among many other small articles that would constitute a page of clippings, was a follow-up story about the #priest.  Apparently, all charges against him were dropped.

An NYPD spokesman said the child involved had been prompted to tell a story because the parents were looking for a cash settlement. The police became suspicious when the child kept changing his story. Detectives questioned him for a statement three times, and not once did he ever give the same answer. When pressed, the parents admitted to prodding their child to make a false claim.

What a group of forthright, just people are journalists and #newspaper editors. Shouldn’t they have put that priest’s portrait on the front page again with a bold headline proclaiming his vindication? Yes, they should have. You know it and I know it. So how could the press not know it?


Earth Day by Deb Stgo used under CC License

I believe they knew the right thing to do. However, why should they run a story when there was probably something more sensational that day?  Also, why run a story that speaks of your own sensationalism and errors?

I think it’s sad. Have you ever seen anything similar?

Special Thanks to Don Charisma. His #blog Post “Do Journalists Tell the Truth” dredged up this memory.