Small Town Life

So here I am in Idaho. At first I was somewhat disappointed with my wife’s new assignment. I’ve lived in cities my whole life, namely New York City and San Antonio. The thought of a small town (roughly 15K) with nothing to do except watching the grass grow or listening to flies buzz by was a bit disconcerting. However, I have to take it all back.

Since moving to Mountain Home, my wife and I have had a busier social life than ever before. There’s nowhere nearby for a fine dining experience, but there is so much other stuff to do.

We’ve had more get-togethers in six weeks here than in the last five years, and there’s no end in sight. The local churches take turns hosting a monthly community dinner, for one thing. This month, the local Lutheran Church sponsored it, though it took place in the Catholic Parish hall (see what I mean about folks getting together). My wife and I got into the swing of things too; I brewed and served coffee and my wife served salad.

Although I am a Catholic, I helped out Grace Lutheran Church. They needed a specialty paint job in their Sunday School room. They wanted someone to use chalkboard paint and create a board shaped like a church (psst that’s the photo).


Also, I haven’t been to a bar in years, but now I go every Friday night for a beer, many laughs, and most of all, darts. I used to be pretty good at it, but it’ll take a while to get my form back.

My wife and I even plan to get into the hunting and fishing scene as well. Some people here make fish and chips from perch. I tried some at the bar during their annual Perch Jerk feast (yet another gathering), and I must say it was incredible.

There are two more potlucks scheduled for this month and even a lecture on radical Islam. So far, small town life is more socially busy than any other place where I have lived before.  I’m loving it.

What have your experiences been with small towns vs. cities?